The Bong Evolution

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  1. This is going to sound pretty green, and not the sticky kind. But when the hell did bongs get all these crazy chambers and honey combs and whatsitwoozles? I mean, iv'e been out of the glass scene ever since i got my first desktop vape years ago, bit i seem to remember the most elaborate a bong ever got was a gravity bong. Just curious as to when this change occurred. I was apparently very high, and very distracted. Thanks.

  2. You can get mad types of bongs these days bro, some can run you into the 1000s but at the end of the day they all do the same thing
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  3. i miss the old ones they was made to smoke had a place for your lighter ,stash and even a spill tray,still have a ceramic bong that has a spill tray and spot for wooden matches(dam thing leaks water from bottom no cracks just thru the pores need to glaze the bottom .

    the change came around when dabs became a thing many of which are really best just for dabs slow draw....
  4. dude dab rigs are the smallest and very simple. i think this whole percolation thing caught on in the big bongs because, well, they work. you can take bigger hits and they hold the smoke back and let it stack, so your piece doesnt need to be as tall for the same stacking capacity. but yeah i'd definetely like to see what was the first percolated bong and who invented it
  5. That explains why i never dabbed lol. It also came into style when i had my head up my arse. I wouldn't mind trying it but nothing like that is sold in my area, that i'm aware of. Living in NY sucks right now, legalization needs to hurry along. A lot i need to try.
  6. you can dab with any concentrate, i make my own hash here in Brasil and its easy to do. best way to make schwagg usefull too. dude you're in NY. id give anything to smoke the buds you guys can get up there
  7. Yeah we can get good bud from Canada, i'm close to the border. But the problem is the price. I smoke a half a week lol, so i can't really afford to go above the midgrade stuff, and if i do, i still smoke just as much since it's more habitual with me.

    Sorry for late response btw, been blazed and doing that overnight shift.
  8. damn dude if you got a job and shit you might have a place too? cuz if you do you should just closet grow
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  9. biggest problem than was what they was made out of ....plastic,ceramic and very thin glass...
    but they was cute and worked well just did not filter as well as the new ones
  10. Most perked out bongs for flower deliver a ton of resin on your lips after every hit.

    Some are nice give effortless hits but at the end of the day I like my lips pink and clean.

    Beaker bongs with no perks are both old school and deliver the best hit overall
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  11. Perked glass are more for concentrates .

  12. The more "stuff" inside the bong..the harder it is to clean..JMHO
  13. Stay ahead and clean it every few days :) just like everything else in life
  14. HahHah..I clean the glass I use 2-3 times daily!
    Still prefer the plain ole beaker bong..maybe with an ice catcher..;)
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