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The Blue Dragon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by redman1992, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. So I was at a ski resort and I was walking around looking for a lighter. Finally I saw a guy smoking a cig and he let me use his lighter. While I was smoking, we started talking about bud. He then tells me he has some shit called blue dragon that is super dank. He then shows me it and it looks extremely crystally and has a faint blue tint to it. Suprisingly, he asks me and my friend if we will like to toke a bowl with him. Sure enough, I said yes and then the smoke sesh commenced. But while we are smoking he only takes one puff and lets me and my friend hit the rest of the bowl until it is kicked. Kinda suspicious as to why he only took one puff, I asked him why he only took one puff and he said because he is already "extremely fucking high". So I start walking away and I realize this is the highest I have ever been and the way it made my body feel, I hadnt ever felt that way before ; Like my body felt like I was rolling lol (I am a pretty seasoned toker - 6 years). And my other friend was so high he started sketchin out and getting paranoid about nothing (He has been smoking just as long)

    so my question is: Has anyone else smoked the blue dragon? And is there a possibility that the shit was laced?(Since he didnt really hit the bowl at all)
  2. while ive never tried it myself, i do know about blue dragon: it's fkn beautiful with it's blue color....and the incredibl ehigh you get from it. consequently, it's also extremely rare to come across. it's like that guy is Saul, and you're Dale Denton; you are smelling God's vagina
  3. That is pretty much true because I havent been able to find it since then.

  4. yeah unless you live close to that resort, good luck getting it again :(


    im high
  5. Never heard of it. Should have gotten his #
  6. I wish I had. I Walked off right after we were done,and thats when I realized how high I was lol

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