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Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know what a blind person experiences while on
    acid? Has anyone ever been told by a blind friend, or are
    there any articles out there?

    Just read it in a post on adp and it sounded interesting, so I
    decided to run it by everyone.
  2. Blind yourself and try it out! But no. I never really thought about that. Huh..
  3. they'd probably experience the trip minus the visuals (which in many cases w/ acid there arent many visuals anyways)...they'd still experience the same emotional fluctuations and awkward feelings of being off their equilibrium and such, but it would all be minus any sight...creepy shit IMO
  4. dunno bout bein blind but my mate got so stoned on new years eve that he went blind for a couple of seconds! Proper scared him!
  5. well it is said that they "experience" colours, i.e see them somehow....
  6. id think they'd experience what people call closed eye visuals, cuz they are just images in ur mind has nothing to do with sight.
  7. Do blind people imagine images in their mind? If they do.. wouldn't everything be WAY out of whack, since they have nothing to base what they see on? (people born blind, at least..)
  8. my bros blind, i know of him doing many drugs, i dont really know about it though...ill ask him

  9. Id think it would have to do with their personality. The way they believe things to be. For all I know, their closed eye visuals could be what they would be really able to see. Maybe the brain is self aware of what goes around in its enviroment. Shrug, I dunno.
    Edit: I thought up of Daredevil, that guy was able to see with the help of sound even though he was blind, so maybe it could be like that for the blind person on acid, of course without the immense hearing ability. That would be cool.
  10. kinda OT but i hear some blind ppl wear tap shoes or put metal plates under their shoes so that when they walk they can navigate by echolocation. pretty cool eh
  11. The other day a freind of mine who was blind was given a water hose by my new neighbor and after he threatened to squirt him my neigbor was like "how ya gonna squirt me when ya can't see me. Unknown to this kid this guy although blind, is a martial arts master and has tuned his other senses so precisely he can hear a gnat fart from 50 feet away . He proceeds to blast this kid straight in the face from like 20 feet away, and he just stood there for a second before he realized what happened, then took off running side to side, with the stream from the hose following him every inch of the way. He finally hides behind the building and waits. About 5 mins later he sticks his head around the corner and whispers to me "is he gone" and as soon as he said that a stream of water shot right by me and nailed him directly in the face again.

    I don't know if blind people have visuals but damn, its pretty trippy to see someone with no sight be able to have that much situational awareness. One day i let him ride my bike and he jumped on and started cruisin up and down the block, clicking my brake levers and lsitening to the echo return to figure out where obstacles were.


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