The black and white cat

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  1. Sorry if this seems pointless but it was funny as hell at the time.

    So, i was toking in my closet, having my usual sesh. and my moms cat clawed at the door and wanted in. I opened the door and he came in normally. Well he didnt leave normally. I guess he got a contact high, because i didnt blow smoke in his direction at all. But when he was in the closet he layed down and started moving his head and eyes in all directions.

    So after i was done with my sesh. [ i was totally baked ] he runs out and lays on my bed the same time i did. He got alll close to me and stuff and started rubbing his face on my chest or something. I could tell he was high.

    He flinched like 10 second late after a lit the lighter next to him [not hurting him] And when i put my hand on his face, like 20 seconds later he would move his head away. He was higher than a bitch, like i was. I laughed at him for a good 8 minutes.

    He opened his mouth and started rubbing his tounge everywhere trying to get water in his mouth, haha he had cotton mouth! so i got up and put water in his bowl.

    About ten minutes later i was going to put some food in his bowl, cuz i had the munchies, so why didnt he? Before i could even put the food in the bowl he headbutted me in a signal to "get the fuck out of the way i want my food bitch" haha. i put some in there and he just went at it! i swear it took him not even 2 minutes to eat the whole bowl.

    Haha this morning he was a changed cat. I think he wants to get high again. Maybe i can arange that, except this time im going to blow the kush in his face.:)

    PEACE OUT!:smoking:
  2. :laughing: that was a good story

    i can totally see a cat doing all that you mentioned....been a while since i had one though, might just be time to get me a little kitten and teach it the ways of ganj
  3. thats like what me and my friends did kinda. We put his kitten in a box(*NOTE* the kitten could have gotten out at any time, as it was sticking its head out of the box) and we rolled a couple blunts. Blew the smoke in the box and it was high as hell. We took it outta the box, and it kept going to the box and climbing on it trying to find a way inside
  4. hahaha, i've always wanted to get my dog high but i'm afraid something bad will happen. maybe i'll do it tonight. +rep for the hilarious story, man.
  5. haha dude

    if i hotbox my fish do you think they will feel anything? :'(
  6. Just put him in your bongwater, the fishy'll get f-f-f-faded ;)

  7. BAHAHAHAHAHA.....that's fucking great! +rep!
  8. Stoner animals kick ass! My dog is a stoner dog. +rep for stoner animals!
  9. My dog loves to get high.. sometimes i have to actually hide my habits from him, otherwise he smokes all my weed :(
  10. your post reminds me of the dog on half baked haha well its just the first thing i thought of :smoking: but anyways stoner animals are awesome!
  11. Lol the other day I was stayin home from school cuz I was a little sick, and I'm smokin in my bathroom. My dog knocks the door open with his head and than sat next to me. I closed the door, and continued smoking, Well my dog just about passed out. I realized, wait I can get this dog high! So I started smoking in his face while he was lying there. I kept going for about 3 bowls. After i smoked the weed, I loooked at my dog and he was motionless. I tried waking him up from his deep sleep for like 5 minutes but he seriusly wouldnt wake up!! Finnally like 2 hours later he did.
  12. My Lucy used to chew on my girls and get high. She would be lying on the terrace totally stoned. RIP Lucy

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