the birth of a friend ?

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. there is a party to go to people ,for the next week i well be at the birth of a fine new sit called as much as i can ! the site is trying to get new members as i have just came from there ,i just saw jess be the frist woman member and set the start for woman on the site ,please join in and help the site breath the life we would like to see in sites as any cannbis site is a good one to the fight on weed goes on ! i added it to my favorites and well do any thing i can to help them grow as a site ,we here at grass city have a fine site that cares about others and are members as well can we show other sites that we can be as friends between the sites when one sites call for help to get started ,i would be shocked if grasscity and its members were not the givers of strength that i have seen in my time here !they were trying to tick me to go there and i went openly ,to give my kindness and help! i well give some of my best to this site in the week to come and i openly ask you all not with tricker but as a friend to awake this site to its new life and share openly the kindness and greatness that makes grasscity remain in my heart ,whats it take to become a group of friendly sites ,and to stop the hackers and the fighting between the sites ,i have only to point the way!thank you ,good luck tazz11
  2. tazz ..tazz..come on back to us.... the grass is to tall,to tall for you..... they can not hear you threw the grass....and they can not see you threw the grass...we well grow and link ,with your touch of creative ink them ...not for they did not help you or us....the grass is to tall and high ...dont make a fus,...come home,come home ,come home, with us
  3. for the love of god, JOIN! lol


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