The billionaire that destroyed america?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hoboleader, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. so some billionaire guy made around 10 bill off the downgrade. WHY IS THIS NOT BEING INVESTIGATED?!?!?!? when theres this much money involved it brings up alot of questions....

    I dunno what to say guys, but its OBVIOUS the system is not working man...
    its just not. I dont give a fuck if you think otherwise. When you got shit like this going on, its over. and it just seems like theres no oversight to any of this BS credit rating stuff or really any of this recession BS. The whole system is just so corrupt... man its just ridiculous.

    First downgrade in history and no oversight, no investigation.
    Typical government...... Typical government.
  2. I'm pretty sure the gov't destroyed america true story.

    Anyone could've predicted that the U.S gov't was going to lose it's AAA rating.

    You claim there's no oversight but who's watching the watchmen. The losing of the rating was completely the gov'ts fault and it's failed policies.
  3. I have a feeling this was just a rumor. I've only seen the info from not so known and credible sources and absolutely no follow up...
  4. How could he not have won that bet? It was a sure thing!
  5. i woulda taken that bet if it were offered to me..

    shit i would have layed 10:1, never mind taken 10:1

  6. Sure there is "oversight." It's called the electorate. Sadly the "electorate" are such a pack of numb skulls you get scum like Barney Frank getting re-elected over and over and again. The watchman is asleep at his post, or so godlessly apathetic that watching the ship go down is passing for entertainment.

    But at least we have congressional investigations into steriod use among professional baseball players. I think we can all thank God for that. :rolleyes:
  7. wait, i could have bet 2k that the credit rating would have downgraded and had 20k today. hory chit y no one tell me this????
  8. This is called using common sense with money. That guy shouldn't be punished. People with that much money keep an eye on the market. If shit looks like it's gonna go bad, you bet against it.
  9. that guy donated money for prop 19.
  10. Government subsidies, regulations, bailout packages, and the unconstitutional wars are what ruined America. The government overstepping its boundaries and ignoring the constitution is what the real problem is, not some billionaire.
  11. yes, but if your betting billions of dollars against the american people, that brings up some questions. If you make 10 billion off the S&P being downgraded, whos to say that the guys that run the S&P arent being cut in 1-2 billion of that 10 billion? As the credit rating should of been downgraded along time ago. But instead they wait until someone places a billion dollar bet, then a month later, boom.

    George soros? theres no proof that its him that made this bet. yet.
  12. Maybe betting against the US's credit rating is not the same as betting against the American people.

    Maybe the US losing it's AAA rating will have some consequences that won't be all bad.

    Maybe the US not being able to borrow as easily will force some politicians to consider the possibility of reigning in spending.

    I have a friend that has some serious debt issues that he refuses to face, but he keeps finding ways to roll existing debt into new debt. If he doesn't start doing something about it, he'll be in real trouble before long. I keep hoping for his sake that the next lender he tries to roll his debt-ball to will look past his good credit scores and deny him just based on his income/debt ratio, but they don't. One day soon he won't be able to make the payments on what he owes now, much less pay his new bills. He HAS to learn to live within his means or he will end up unemployable/homeless/working two jobs for the rest of his life to pay for a decade of partying that he can't even remember.

    Maybe the same thing will happen with our federal Government...

    Nah... I'm really high... none of that makes any sense...:smoke:
  13. lol nah man it makes sense. I just dont think its very responsible for billionaires to gamble like this,

    However your friend will probably never have to pay off the debt, because in 10 years there wont be a united states dollar.

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