The Bill Engvall Show

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  1. Anyone else hate this show? I really do hate this show, it has bad writing, not funny and the actings not so good too. I keep trying to watch it and see if I like it, but its just horrible. I just wanted to say this really bad, I'm amazed how it keeps going and isn't canceled yet. Anyone else agree with me?
  2. Never watched it, but I agree.
  3. I hate it too, but the daughters pretty damn good looking
  4. All these shows are dumb and have terrible writing. Why on earth people feel these are watchable is beyond me.
    Shows that have comics/actors and is about "their family" that suck (small list):
    My Wife and Kids
    Bill Engvall Show
    Bernie Mac Show
  5. yeah i've never seen it but i just hate those fuckin annoying red neck comedians, god damn it

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