THE Biggest Trip Out EVER!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Leafsfan81, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. So around noon today I'm standing by my window checking on my little guy, right? I see this Police car drive down the street so I put the plant aside, run over to the other side of my room to check the other window and sure enough there's a cop parked in front of my house! I can't even describe the terror I felt, I swear my heart jumped up into my throat ... I run back to the other window, yank out my poor little baby and toss it in the garbage, I start running to my grow room where my other plant is, she's in flowering and I was right about to pull her too but I couldn't get to the room, the cop was already at my door. So here I'm thinking I'm fucked, I can't believe this, who the fuck dimed me out, right?!

    Turns out I'm gettin busted for dumping a huge pile of garbage (house siding, bags of leaves, a few appliances) out on some dude's land lol... that was like a month ago ffs ... So I got a court date on the 29th of August, and I may have killed my little guy for no reason whatsoever ... when I pulled her out though there was still a huge clump of dirt attached to it, so I put it back in the pot, and I hope she pulls through, it's still standing upright so it's obviously not dead, she's looks ill though, I'm just hoping she'll straighten back out as it grows. Fuck, I'm so mad, fucking cops! It's funny though, here he's busting me for some lame ass littering charge when I got a flowering female cannabis plant just a flight of stairs below him lol HAHAHAHA
  2. i keep reading these stories of people who see a cop car and automatically destroy there plants... why? dont you remember when you first started smoking you had the feeling of paranoia and then it passed?... growing is much the same, and besides they need a warrant to enter... and if they got one of those, you are already fucked

    just never invite cops into your house and you're game, and also dont dump... thats another moral to learn here

    hope your baby is okay
  3. Yeah, but when you see a cop car in front of your house, during your first grow, you kinda get freaked out... as I was walking up to the door I thought to myself, I shouldn't have done that... I knew he'd need a warrant to search, but there was no rational thinking there for a couple minutes, I just tripped the fuck out!

    ... Any my lil baby is doing just fine, other than a slight bend at the bottom of the stem, the leaves have straightened out and she's doing good. Resilient little bastards aren't they....
  4. bad karma on you for littering. did you learn your lesson?
  5. lol I most certainly did. I regretted doing it immediately afterwards, the only reason we did is because the dump was shut down due to excessive rain and we had to return the truck that day... the reason I got caught is because they found my name somewhere in that pile, and the funny thing is, after we dumped it I told my buddy, watch my name will be in there somewhere and I'll end up getting busted for this shit ... oh well, it'll just be a fine, no bigs.
  6. You got lucky, but you can't always be that lucky.
  7. You can get busted just as bad for a ripped up plant in the garbage as a beautiful plant in a pot.

    Hey, you're free, you're growin', many worse things happen to many more people every day. Fire one up and count your blessings.
  8. I know, I got lucky ... I wonder if the Officer seen the relief wash over me when he asked me if I knew anything about a large pile of garbage dumped out just a ways up north? lol .... Soon as he asked me I just straight up told him, yeah that was me lol ... if he's asking me about it, he obviously knows it was me, so I ain't gonna lie .... but yeah, I'm gonna be extra careful now, keep that lil one off the window sill definetely, the wrong person sees it and I'm fucked...

    And I would fire one up and count my blessings, but I'm going on Day 3 of no weed :(
    This is the worst dry spell I've ever encountered in 9 years of toking ... but hopefully tonight, keeping my fingers crossed :p

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