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The biggest smoking bender youve ever had

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mattkent420, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. It started off Friday, had 3 days off work, and then Monday - Thursday, work rang me up an hour or so before work and asked if i wanted to take annual leave (paid day off).

    so over the last 7 days, i have smoked that much bud with my best mate and a few other mates, waking up at 9am and smoking almost the hole day while trying to be productive and make the most of the day, went to markets, beach, etc.

    must of had 5 or so blunts rolled for when we went out for the day, and wake and baking before going out,and the big smoke of the day would start around 6, 3-4 different mates each day and we would all just smash 15-20cones each night.

    its now Thursday, day 7, just started wake and baking after dropping at mate at work, what shall i do today?
  2. also, i don't do this kind of thing to often, i smoke about 2-3 cones every hour after work usually.
  3. What is a bender?

    @Bold- How much?? You never said..
  4. you know you plan to have a good weekend, smoke heaps, get messier than usual and smoke more than usual.

    day 7 and we have probably smoked 2 ounces.

    i can take a photo of the shit were smoking if your interested.
  5. Sure, I like seeing pictures of weed. Upload em :)
  6. going to take them now

    p.s im starting a grow journal soon :D
  7. wish my job was cool with me disappearing for days on end
  8. For about 6 months I was smoking around a half o a day, but after a while it just becomes a lifestyle rather than a bender lol.
  9. haha its not quite like that, i work in a casino.


    Heres the bud.
  10. A few weeks ago I didn't go to uni for a week and just got retarded all week damn! Miss it
  11. cool story bro.
  12. come back with a sandwich
  13. like a week everyday and the comedown was fucking crazy
  14. [​IMG]
  15. penut butter and semen sandwich?

    well played
  16. you call this a bender ?, sounds like my everyday life :)
  17. If that is melted marshmallows... how can you chew that? I think my mouth would be permanently glued shut.
  18. if your smoking 25-40 bowls a day, that just impressive and i wonder what you do for living.

    i was high almost 16 hours a day for a week.

    couldn't live like that

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