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The Biggest Question Ever Posed...

Discussion in 'General' started by Smoken Souljah, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Just how old is rasta man....

    he's admitted to not being a 60's hippie... but old enough that modern music scares him... so he's potentially born, for arguments sake, 1975.... which would make him mid 30's... my guess is 35-40.... maybe at max 45...,,

    im going to guess 38...

    what do you all think?:confused: :confused:

    this is the biggest mystery known to GC.... im sure a few members know, but not the general public!!!!
  2. 9... and a half. ha ha ha ha
  3. My guess?

    Uh.. 39.

  4. Haha, I could imagine him coming in and posting he is 16, and getting banned.
  5. umm.... lets say.... 32 cause im feelin nice today. He's more of an old fart than his age reveals tho.... :p
  6. well im hoping if we overguess too much, it'll shame him into revealing his true age to prove us wrong.... and say he's "not THAT old"..... its kind of a double trap..... :D
  7. 28. Call me crazy, but I feel like he is a well read young'n. :p
  8. Well, hes DEFINATELY older than I am. Someone here has to be, so hes at least 31.:D
  9. 31 almost 32
  10. I like how everyone seems to think 30's is old... even though to mainstreem society thats considered basically the prime.... and i stand by the 32 guess i made earlier.
  11. ^^^30 is the new 20 baby!
  12. Rasta, do you find it weird people are guessing your age on the internet?

    with that said ill go with 35
  13. Rasta_man is 400,000,000 years old and crashed into this planet on a comet.
  14. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn! A comet? Whats that old bastard got against meteors!!!
  15. ill say 26, i dont know why really, just get a feeling hes not as old as i think.
  16. I doubt he was even born, perhaps he's just a semi-intelligent bot construct used by the forums. His digital nature would certainly explain his pro-transhumanist viewpoints, he wants neuro-computer advances to continue in order to leap into a human body. He'll take over the world by astonishing the poorly educated with words they don't bother to think.

  17. Quoted for truth.
  18. I'll say 43

    No reason, just think that's a good age.

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