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    Only a week old under a 400w HPS. Its an autoflowering GWS. I have 1 I planted last night and 2 others that were planted today. I have a total of 4 going under the 400w HPS.
  2. looks beautiful for 7 days, shes not stretching which means more then enough light, and she looks healty as hell. +rep best of luck
  3. Thank you for the input :) The hps is about 1.5 feet from the flowers. Temp at night is about 70, during the day is no hotter than 85 and during the dark hours is high 60s. No nutes yet, just a soil mixture of pheat moss, perlite, and soil lol.
  4. looks like u got it covered. :)
  5. Are you on a 12/12 light schedule? Is that what you do with auto-flower strains?
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    Many people do 20/4 with autos the entire time. You can do 12/12 though. You can also do 24/7. The light regime is decided by the grower to say the least. I decided 20/4 is good so they get 4 hours of rest :)

    check out my journal :D
  7. Just got seeds wanna know how to humidify or what humidifier did u use?
  8. I dont use any humidifier or anything lol

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