The biggest football player salaries ! Amazing numbers in times of crisis

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  1. Hello Folks !!! I must admit that I have been following this topic for quite some time on the web. Football player salaries are determined in exactly the same way as my salary/wage is determined, or yours. Football players have unique physical skills which cannot be easily learned by others. If they could, I would play football now. Another thing to remember about football players is that they have very limited careers, due to the physical nature of their profession, and the high risk of injury, but this salary/wage is simply absurd. Finally, the revenue these players generate is immense. I know that professional football is an industry that generates hundreds of billions of dollars, and all of it is based on what these guys do on the field. Beyond just the teams and the league themselves, they generate tons of money in their host cities, in terms of hotel, restaurant, concessions, and merchandising income by fans who come to see the games. These are the top 5 players in the list if you want to know the full list go to" The 20 biggest football player salaries " .I was chocked when I saw Cristiano Ronaldo in eighth place. Considered the best football player in 2008, he earns 30% less per month that their colleagues.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic 750.000 €
    Ricardo Kaka 750.000 €
    Lionel Messi 700.000 €
    John Terry 631.182 €
    Frank Lampard 631.182 €

    The wages are obscene. They are also as daft as the people who are prepared to pay them.

    How cruel football is !!!
  2. Those would be rookie salaries in America

    Practically insulting
  3. I believe the yankees paid Alex Rodriguez 28 million dollars last year.
  4. sooooooooooo fucked up.
  5. (NFL)Ben Roethlisberger - $27 Mil
    (MLB)Arod, various other yankees players- A LOT

    Must be nice to get paid that much for playing a sport.
  6. 1) Alex Rodriguez\tNew York Yankees\t$28,000,000
    2) Jason Giambi\tNew York Yankees\t$23,428,571
    3) Derek Jeter\tNew York Yankees\t$21,600,000
    4) Manny Ramirez\tBoston Red Sox\t$18,929,923
    5) Carlos Beltran\tNew York Mets\t$18,622,810
    6) Ichiro Suzuki\tSeattle Mariners\t$17,102,149
    7) Johan Santana\tNew York Mets\t$16,984,216
    8) Todd Helton\tColorado Rockies\t$16,600,000
    9) Torii Hunter\tLos Angeles Angels\t$16,500,000
    10) Carlos Zambrano\tChicago Cubs\t$16,000,000
    11) dl-Andy Pettitte\tNew York Yankees\t$16,000,000
    12) Bobby Abreu\tNew York Yankees\t$16,000,000
    13) Carlos Delgado\tNew York Mets\t$16,000,000
    14) Mike Hampton\tAtlanta Braves\t$15,975,185
    15) Magglio Ordonez\tDetroit Tigers\t$15,768,175
    16) Rafael Furcal\tLos Angeles Dodgers\t$15,730,196
    17) Jim Thome\tChicago White Sox\t$15,666,667
    18) Tim Hudson\tAtlanta Braves\t$15,500,000
    19) Richie Sexson\tSeattle Mariners\t$15,500,000
    20) Vladimir Guerrero\tLos Angeles Angels\t$15,500,000
    21) Aramis Ramirez\tChicago Cubs\t$15,250,000
    22) dl-Jason Schmidt\tLos Angeles Dodgers\t$15,217,401
    23) Sdl-Randy Johnson\tArizona Diamondbacks\t$15,100,546
    24) Mariano Rivera\tNew York Yankees\t$15,000,000
    25) Miguel Tejada\tHouston Astros\t$14,811,415
    26) Andruw Jones\tLos Angeles Dodgers\t$14,726,911
    27) Lance Berkman\tHouston Astros\t$14,500,000
    28) Barry Zito\tSan Francisco Giants\t$14,500,000
    29) Pat Burrell\tPhiladelphia Phillies\t$14,250,000
    30) dl-John Smoltz\tAtlanta Braves\t$14,000,000
    31) J.D. Drew\tBoston Red Sox\t$14,000,000
    32) Alfonso Soriano\tChicago Cubs\t$14,000,000
    33) Mark Buehrle\tChicago White Sox\t$14,000,000
    34) Albert Pujols\tSt. Louis Cardinals\t$13,870,950
    35) Troy Glaus\tSt. Louis Cardinals\t$13,500,000
    36) Adrian Beltre\tSeattle Mariners\t$13,400,000
    37) Gary Sheffield\tDetroit Tigers\t$13,326,306
    38) Derrek Lee\tChicago Cubs\t$13,250,000
    39) A.J. Burnett\tToronto Blue Jays\t$13,200,000
    40) Jorge Posada\tNew York Yankees\t$13,100,000
    41) David Ortiz\tBoston Red Sox\t$13,000,000
    42) Hideki Matsui\tNew York Yankees\t$13,000,000
    43) Johnny Damon\tNew York Yankees\t$13,000,000
    44) Roy Oswalt\tHouston Astros\t$13,000,000
    45) Adam Dunn\tCincinnati Reds\t$13,000,000
    46) Garret Anderson\tLos Angeles Angels\t$12,600,000
    47) Frank Thomas\tToronto Blue Jays\t$12,560,000
    48) Carlos Lee\tHouston Astros\t$12,500,000
    49) Mark Teixeira\tAtlanta Braves\t$12,500,000
    50) Mike Lowell\tBoston Red Sox\t$12,500,000

    Fuck baseball.
  7. What, are you Canadian

    Baseball is the best
  8. I'm American and fuck baseball.

    Football (American) should be our national pasttime.
  9. Football combines the worst aspects of American life

    Violence punctuated by committee meetings
  10. I hope most of them feel guilty while the rest of us who are struggling hate them.
  11. You obviously have never played the sport. Its much better than standing around and basically playing a game of "Red light, Green light" with the bases.
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  13. That's just, like, your opinion, man
  14. In its entirety.

  15. when Lebron signs his next contract it will be the biggest ever
  16. Baseball=boring, no action. just sit around, waiting for the ball hits.

    football=Hella fun! always action, There is no time to sit down!
  17. Well, when you've got the Colorado Rockies, what can you expect
  18. I enjoy baseball, especially when I am high.

    Football is my favorite though probably cause thats what sport I was best at.

    But oh well thats how sports is, you get a real good salary if you are good at what you do.

    I'm not going to complain about it.
  19. Plus, professional sports are a huge stimulator for the economy. Consider the tickets being sold, the chartered transportation, lodging and food for the team, merchandise, television deals, advertising, sponsorship, the people who work for the teams and at the parks and stadiums. It's really amazing when you think about everything that goes into fielding a sports team for a season.

    They're not just playing a game. If professional sports disappeared, the economy and national morale would plummet.
  20. Blasphemy.

    Football > baseball.

    I love to play baseball, but I can't stand to watch a whole game.. I can watch the world series, but no regular season game.... There's like what 200 fucking games in a baseball season... Kind of takes away from the importance of each game ya know...

    Anyways, is there a salary cap in baseball?? 28mil is fucking ridiculous.

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