The Biggest F#@%!* Smokers Pet Peeve

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  1. When someone begs you to smoke them up, and agrees to pay you. They are available when you want to smoke them up, BUT when you go to get the money, they are always busy. They duck you everything you ask them, and they make you feel like a piece of s$^@ when you ask them. Yes I am mad.
  2. word, self important bitchies.

    personally when people act a fool when they see you smokin "ooooOOOOHHHOHhhohoh... tokin the chonic?
    *goofy ass face on the first bitch* HOOOOLY SHIT .......can i hit it?
    ****** starts trippin* OOHH SHIIT! AWE YEAH fo real dog you the SHIT
  3. Next time they ask for a smoke down, tell 'em to go fuck themselves and pay up or just not smoke with you.
  4. when u got a friend that is always asking u for weed and often does stupid shit that can get u caught. seriously he does real obvious shit and is an all around asshole. AND HE HAS NOT ONCE PAID FOR WEED OR THE SHROOMS HE SAID HE WAS GONNA PAY ME FOR!that guy.:(
  5. people suck.
  6. yea my friend has owed me 20 for 5 days said he could get it to me 4 days ago but i know for a fact he went and bought some weed with it. Makes me not ever want to smoke up anyone but i feel like a dick if i just smoke to myself while they watch
  7. People who pause movies to talk or check their facebook.

    ^ This is especially retarded when watching Fear and Loathing.

    What is it with my generation and facebook?

    oh well, brb .. facebook.

  8. Wannabe gangstarrs... What idiots. ...DAWG. Hardy har.
  9. This is why friends and money are not a good combination. Show up at that deadbeat motherfuckers doorstep and say 'Pay me bitch' and if he doesn't knock him down, take his wallet, his weed, his bong and piss on his unconscious body.

    That fucker is not your friend, he is a degenerate scumbag who has taken advantage of your good nature. Get your money, then ditch that motherfucker.

  10. I'm a member of the anti social network.

    I actually do have a facebook account that I created for work purposes. I haven't used it in a good year. Facebook is an Orwellian instrument of either alienation or invasion of privacy.

    The song 'Creep' by Radiohead is synonymous with my feelings about Facebook and so I was surprised when it was used in the trailer for the Fincher film.
  11. When you pass a blunt around with a shitload of people. The other night, I was with like 10 other people I didn't know and we passed around two blunts. Funny thing was, some of the kids were saying that it got them stoned; pshh fuckin lightweights.
  12. what the OP said is so fucking true. "Friend" won't repay me and I smoked him on a 20 sac. I only took like 5 tokes too, he killed the rest.
  13. When bitches think they could smoke for free just because their females. The most annoying is when people get the habit of getting smoked out. Just because I smoked you out once doesn't mean I'm going to keep doing it.
  14. im a generous pothead i give hits on everything usually, and when someone says they'll pay they either pay or they never burn with me again, i follow bring a sack or pass it back rules usually but if they dont its a next time thing. lol
  15. Even worse is when people hit you up just to smoked out, fuck them
  16. Don't let stoners borrow money dude.

    I hate it when people smoke and don't offer.
    I wouldn't smoke their shit anyway,
    but it's rude to smoke in a group circle next to another group circle and session alone.
    the point is to share, peace and love
    mary jane.
  17. My worst pet peeve is ignorant people who go out and drink but when they find out you smoke they look down on you. They think drinking is perfectly ok but if you smoke they think of you as a druggie :confused_2:
  18. ya people calling you asking if you had any and want to smoke without them chipping in at all is fucked up. and i also hate when i smoke with kids who fuckin n!gga lip the shit out of my piece. its like your cool, you can deepthroat a smokin device. fuck you.
  19. it's like all the good people have been spread out all over the world. leaving them to fight alone in the heapless piles of dumbasses.
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    The people that are ALWAYS around when you have a fat sack, and they don't have shit. They bring up instances when they smoked you up (once a year) and demand that you smoke them back. Then a week later after they have smoked most of your shit with you, they are nowhere to be found. Fucking hate mooches.

    Or the kids coming around telling me they get the dankest shit ever, stuff i've never seen before, then they come around with some middie, take a hit of my shit and can't handle it. Luckily I haven't encountered one of those fools in a while.

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