The biggest challenge in life

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  1. Isn't finding happiness, it's realizing that you are happy.

    Sorry, the highdeas password generator wants something ridiculously complex that I can never remember, so I thought I'd post this here. Thoughts?
  2. I think the biggest challenge is self-discipline.....mastering that part that wants what it wants.....that brings me happiness......when I can temporarily conquer that pesky child.
  3. I strongly agree with the idea that self discipline is the biggest challenge you have to conquer in your time here. Everything links back to it from school, work, health, to relationships and beyond. It all stems back to being disciplined. Once you have true control over yourself and can repel anything that is negative to you, you'll find happiness.
  4. The biggest challenge it to understand Yourself.
  5. it shouldn't be a challenge, it should be a goal to understand yourself better and better everyday :)
  6. I think the biggest challenge in life is finding a snazzy and comfortable pair of shoes at a reasonable price.
  7. the biggest challenge in life is being content with who we are.
  8. There's some great posts in this thread! My personal biggest challenge is motivation. It seems being content can have a very strong effect on your way of living.. There's only a few things I truly enjoy progressing through.
  9. There's a lot to be said for a good pair of shoes.....lulzz
  10. No kidding! I bought a pair of shoes last week, classy looking, relatively inexpensive. But as soon as I wore them out, my lower back just killed! Thoroughly irritating.

  11. awww.....shit. Maybe you need more lower back exercise..........zing!
  12. I use to have terrible back problems.. Yoga cured that shit right up. (that and a "lemon juice liver cleanse")
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    My problem isn't my back, it's my feet. I pronate heavily when I walk and require specific foot support. If I don't, it takes it's toll on my back. My old shoes are great, never hurts.

    I can buy soles for the shoes, but then that's like another $50. That's a fifty that should have been included WITH the shoes.

    This is why I wear the same clothes for as long as possible.

    P.S. -- Yoga really helped an old unrelated leg injury of mine. Helped me build up muscle that is tricky to do outside a weight room.
  14. The biggest challenge is that once you find happiness, to convince yourself that you're still happy.
  15. changing things that can't be accepted.....& accepting things that can't be changed.:smoke:
  16. missed the disappoint.

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