The big question about weed.

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  1. If you think about it, when tobacco started off thousands of years, it could of been unaddictive or somewhat safe to smoke, the main thing that makes tobacco addictive and dangerous as fuck, is the dangerous chemicals that the big companies add to it, so people keep buying their products, the big question I have starting this thread is, will big companies do that to Mary Jane if it ever gets legalized? I don't know why people would do this but Please no criticism, I fully support legalization, it is just a thought
  2. well tobacco alone is still addictive, bc nicotine is found naturally in tobacco plants.

    I honestly don't think they would add anything to MJ, but i wouldn't trust how it's grown..unless they add some synthetic nicotine to it or some shit....

    Point being, just grow your own if its ever legal. or have a good friend that does :smoke:
  3. You could do that ^^ but if it becomes legal like tobacco they will still leave it illegal for you to grow seeing as how they will lose a heap of money ( not that it's stopped anyone before).
  4. growing tobacco isn't illegal, its just a lot harder to turn it into a smokeable substance.

    If you legalize cannabis, you're legalizing the plant, so it would have to be legal to grow. Like tomatoes.
  5. Last I heard it's illegal to manufacture tobacco with out a license which is very hard to obtain.
  6. No it's legal, the license is for if you're going to be selling this tobacco
  7. [quote name='"Dylanzs"']Last I heard it's illegal to manufacture tobacco with out a license which is very hard to obtain.[/quote]

    Manufacturing tobacco is when they make it into cigarettes. That's why around here there were stores selling you tobacco and then renting a machine to you so u could roll your smokes... the machine was one that u just put all the tobacco into and it would roll them for you. This way u didn't pay the stupid tax that u pay for manufactured cig. So this tells me that manufacturing tobacco isn't just growing it in itself.
  8. If they add a bunch of dangerous shit to their manufactured weed, who would buy it? No one. No profit=no business. And with Ron Paul, there wont be any big bailouts handed out to businesses like this.

  9. Federal government made those machines ilegal already.

    My tobacco is still curing,got about 7 more month's to go.It is the chemicals they add that makes it extremly bad for you.but it is a conveninece,you gotta wait a year or longer before it's smokeable.
  10. are you using a kiln, a flue,or just open air?

    for anyone interested in growing tobacco chicken has a great thread about his grow, im not really a fan of tobacco but i would grow my own to roll my own cigarettes :D
  11. You guys know its not just the chemicals right lol?

    Have you ever looked up how nicotine treats a human? Its a VERY toxic compound, very very small quantities can kill a human.... and the smoke is in itself very unhealthy

    The chemicals add to it, but tobacco, being smoked... is terrible for you (im a smoker, this isnt like a "FUCK THAT STOP SMOKING" speech hahahaha) and the nicotine is very cell destructive.

    BUT i dont think the govt would add shit to weed, id just grow my own fuck that
  12. Yes this is true regulation of some kind also people given a choice will pay more if educated for a proper product (eg American Spirt tobacco ) the key thing that an end to Prohabition would bring about as well as mamany many many other things is the ability to legally grow your own. When legalised I hope it will be treated like a fine wine or a quality cigar, and that is with awe and respect, but humans are humans so you'll get ur cheap shit 20 'shake' fags(cigs) IMHO love peace and bananas 420 GG

  13. They allow home brewing in countries where booze is legal GG
  14. okay first the government won't put anything in it. second of all will people tweak it? maybe. lastly dude i don't care what anybody says, when you buy from a dispensary, nobody fucks with your shit. I've bought locally, and tasted raid in my weed, smoked dusted weed probably like 4 different times. that's a pretty big issue.

  15. Open air outside in a big cardboard box.

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