[The Big Picture] What are YOU Doing?

Discussion in 'General' started by Gregsta, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I'm about to complete my 1st/3 year of college, getting my BS in Graphic Design. I would like to use my skill in traditional art in the digital world, and earn myself a well paying graphic design job, and I would like to pursue fine art endeavors.
  2. I have a great job, in a new town. I love it, made many friends, everyone's very welcoming. Downside, is I'm Pretty far away from my family and all my old friends
  3. Not sure tbh, feel like everyone around me is finding success and happiness and im the odd one out on the side
    love life (Y)
  4. I'm working on my masters in theology.

    I'm interested in maybe taking that and using it to become a certified counselor and/or spiritual director to help folks live better and happier lives...

    But I'm also considering maybe doing something in anthropology, which would require more schooling. I love that sort of thing!
  5. Nothing ATM, last few days of summer, enjoying the nothingness while smoking loads of ganja
    EDITE: Oh, but big picture, I am majoring in biology

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