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  1. So, what are YOU doing with your life right now? What are you guys studying, or tryna become, what's your dream? What hobbies, and what kinda new hobbies have you been thinking of taking up, but yet maybe something has been getting in the way, or some kinda fear rather..?

    Reason I made this, is cause I really dunno where the fuck I'm at right now. I was in a deep downward spiral past year, two... lost a job, was heavily popping pills, made some terrible awful decisions and ruined some good relationships. But one decision I'm damn happy about was checking myself into a wonderful rehab program in June for a month, and feeling hella better than before (though shitty for realizing how stupid I was)! It really opened up my eyes and cleared my head... I finally just signed up for a Pharmacy Tech program starting in October and pretty excited, been wanting to for a while.... BUT... I keep feeling up and down constantly, I'm in fear of the future and what's gonna happen, if I'm gonna succeed or achieve anything great, or what the hell am I gonna do to advance from being a pharmacy tech... I've been scared to try new hobbies for some reason, but yeah... Let's hear your stories I could use some advice or inspiration :hello:
  2. 12/21/2012..may or may not be tru. for your sake lets assume it is.. use this as a reason for taking a breather till the first and make your new years res figuring out your next fork in the road...just ccoast and enjoy each moment until then and see where the next fork leads you..but dont forget to do what you gotta do to coast comfortably till then. .like smoke ^_^
  3. Pharmacy tech program? Like, the 1-2 year college class's? Dude don't go through that shit, it's a waste of time and money. I was a pharmacy tech for over a year till I wrecked my car a few months ago, and trust me, if I could do the job without any problems when I was 17 and had no prior training, you can too.

    Anyway, I'm killing time till college starts back up again in 5 days. For the first time in a few years, I didn't work at all during summer, but kicked back and relaxed. Worked out a lot, got a tan and enjoyed my time with the girlfriend pretty much. Made some money playing video games, around 1500$, which gave me enough pocket money to do what I wanted without having to rely on others.

    I'll be studying computer science when I get back, probably gonna get a job when I'm back in town. Really looking forward to it, loving the college experience. Not to mention it'll be great sleeping with the girlfriend every night again :D
  4. I'm a biochemistry and botany double major at Humboldt State University.

    My plan is to go to grad school for ethnobotany, which is only offered at, I believe, 2 universities in the country. If I don't gain admittance into either of those schools, I plan to get my PsyD to become a behavioral therapist.

    Hobbies are gardening (both weed and ethnobotanicals, but also fungi) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which I have been training for over a decade now. I practice shamanism, and spend a lot of time working on my body, mind, and spirit. That said, I still have a long way to go :p
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    How far through are you?

    I have finished my degree am a chemistry PhD candidate waiting for funding. Kind of sucks just being in limbo and not in the lab, I'm not good at being idle really. I am also trying to learn Spanish, if you could call that a hobby.. and I spent the last month toying with cameras and I think I would like to get my own, take that up as a way to entertain myself.
  6. [quote name='"Neurosis"']

    How far through are you?

    I have finished my degree am a chemistry PhD candidate waiting for funding. Kind of sucks just being in limbo and not in the lab, I'm not good at being idle really. I am also trying to learn Spanish, if you could call that a hobby.. and I spent the last month toying with cameras and I think I would like to get my own, take that up as a way to entertain myself.[/quote]

    2 years through. I'm in a 3 year honors program, and had my first semester knocked off because of AP credits from high school. Pretty good deal.
  7. Just became lead POV on Big Brother so that's cool.

    Lease is up in January... Probably gunna get a West LA Loft :hello:

    For those of you not from LA that's pretty much Beverly hills :smoke:

    And by my 20th birthday hopefully I'll be driving a 2013 Scion FR-S paid for in full by myself :smoke:

    Writing some sick Hip Hop verses write now so fun side hobby. And I have a personal goal to smoke a blunt everyday until I fill a 2 liter. 1/3 of the way.

    Stay high blades!
  8. Nicely done.

    And what are you growing in your garden? Do you know anything about germinating brugmansia seed? I have a few but every time I've tried sprouting one, nothing became of it.
  9. Not shit, ive hit a dead end in life.

  10. Naw, 7 months, and I'm already gonna have a place to hire me and not like a CVS or anything... I know I'd like to do this, it won't be THAT bad and I love handling around meds and shit lol, I know a lotta the names already as well..

    I smoked few days ago for the first time in 2 months, and honestly been feeling slightly better for some reason, I guess a little happier rather.. I gotta find a damn hobby or something! And been feeling too damn unconfident to go out and talk up girls, maaaaaan... :confused_2:
  11. going to school for IT. sitting around bumming it up because tradeswork is fucking dead and i havent had a job in a month. cant wait till im done with school and can get a secure decent income.
  12. Bio major thinking about going marine bio or bio chem. Going into sophomore year and enjoying the 4 year break from life

  13. Lets see. Herb wise I'm growing parsley, 6 different kinds of basil (Thai, sweet genovese, cinnamon, lemon, dark opal, and spicy globe), Mexican oregano, thyme, rosemary, chives, and sage. Cooking with fresh herbs is one of my passions. I grow all of these in my kitchen.

    Also growing lemon balm, red and standard valerian, feverfew, lavender and St. John's wort.

    At a community garden co-op I'm growing cabbage, brussels sprouts, carrots, a few different lettuces, spinach, onions, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. Obviously the season dictates what is growing when.

    I also maintain a Salvia divinorum plant that I've had for 5 years. Beautiful houseplant and essential in my shamanic practice.

    Fungi wise, I've got a couple varieties of psilocybes, maitake, blue oysters, and good 'ol button shrooms.

    As for brugmansia, yes, and it's somewhat of a thorn in my side. During one of my last botany courses, we were tasked with growing, from seed, a plant from a pre-provided list from the professor. Well, I missed class the day the sign up list went around, and I was stuck with brugmansia. I was never able to get it to germinate, no matter what I did.

    It's best to peel off the outer casing. While this isn't necessary, it certainly helps. Then you're supposed to soak the inner seed in a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to ward off disease and kill any bacteria for about 20 minutes. Then, you just cover with a small amount of soil and set them out of direct sunlight, between 70 and 78 degrees F. Soil should be kept moist and be mixed with sand and/or peat for good drainage.

    With any luck, it'll sprout in about a month, but brugmansia is notorious for sometimes taking up to 3 months to sprout. I think this is where I ran into trouble: I was too impatient. I had a month to show any sort of progress on the project, and got started about a week late.

    I still have some seeds left, so I should try again.
  14. Trying to find any job I can get. Save up tons of money and try and move out to Denver by the time I am 25(21 atm). It would be cool if I could get a job in the cannabis industry, or do something music related. Like be a studio engineer or work for a magazine. Realistically maybe some kind of park ranger, or maybe get a business degree and open up my own business of some kind.
  15. right now i'm working at my mom's business selling airplane parts, and am looking for another part time job. i'm trying to save up to move out of my moms house and move up to washington and finally go home, i was born there and all family lives there. in my free time in train in muay thia and jiu jitsu, i love to snowboard im not very good but theres nothin better then riding down a beautiful snowy mountain listening to music all stoney.:smoke: i'm really into history and i think my long term goal is to become a history teacher, but im not sure i still got a bunch of ideas floating around, but being a history teacher sticks out most so we'll see.
  16. By "not like a CVS" (I worked here btw), do you mean not a retail pharmacy? Where are you working then, a mail in pharmacy, hospital...?
  17. No cacti? I've been growing a San Pedro for quite a few years, it's a little monster now. Originally I envisaged cutting it down and extracting the alkaloids, but now I love it and hope to grow it for as long as I am alive.

    It was when I bought the original pup that I met a rather liberal old lady, who had a garden populated by many plants of the mystical variety, including some very brilliant brugmansia trees. I got some seeds, but have not succeeded in growing one to this day. Now that you explain the process, it really doesn't surprise me at all that I've failed. So thank you, I will take it upon myself to follow this guide, whilst hoping that these old seeds are still viable.
  18. OP, if you've got a pill problem man, why are getting a job as a pharm tech? Thats too much temptation

    Chit could get you in trouble

  19. Damn kinda forgot about this thread... Naw I know, I know, but it's gonna be all good, I won't be tempted, I learn my lessons, lol before I got sober, I just didn't give a shit and started taking again, now I actually care and realize what pills do to me, working as a pharm tech will be slightly thrilling lol

    Been feelin decent these days, I guess I just needed to workout some more... but still really gotta find something I LOVE
  20. Start college tomorrow going for my AA at the state college. After I get it I plan on transferring to a university to either become an xray technician or a pharmacist.
    I'm also an emcee/producer and am working on an EP, my first official full album, a group project, and some experimental non hip hop stuff.

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