The Big O

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  1. So this Friday, yes Holloween, my friends are throwing me a going a party. I decided to surprise them with an O. No there will not be many. 4-5 at the most will be smoking including myself.

    I have came up with a smoke schedule.

    All seshes will be divided into 8ths except the last one will be a quarter.

    1: 7 domed bong packs
    2: Passing of 7 blunts
    3: 4 blunts and 3 bong packs passed
    4: 3 blunts and 4 bong packs passed
    5: Passing of 7 bong packs
    6: 7 domed blunts
    7: 2 domed cigars(the quarter sesh with just me and my best friend. We are gonna get on the boat to light these bad boys.)

    How does this sound fellows?
  2. or you can roll 8 huge blunts ;)
  3. Two things:
    1)Be my friend
    2)Invite me
  4. Haha, my dream has always been to smoke with every stoner in the world. I just love getting high and meeting new people. I strongly believe my best relationships are through weed. I just love smoking, talking about weed, and just chillin out.

    I am one of those that believe the more the better. Heads and weed that is. :)

    Smoke weed everyday!!!
  5. It went great y'all. We had about 3 blunts left over. I passed out a few times

    We had Catpiss, Purple Haze, Blue Cheese, and Sour D.

    Great night!
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    I thought you meant orgasm.
    glad you had a good time :)
  7. What is a domed blunt?
    A blunt that you smoke all yourself, you take it to the dome instead of circulating it
  9. I read it wrong. I was thinking like a dome shaped blunt.
  10. Dome blunt? I thought you said gnome blunt! Screenshot_2014-11-05-15-34-50_1.jpg
  11. Lol, I've always found it funny how the lingo changes in different areas.

    Wanna get into a good argument. Have a discussion on what is dro with different people from different states.

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