The Big 20

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sCaKmY, May 14, 2006.

  1. So todays my birthday, mothers day of all days, we got the partyin out of the way friday night and needless to say I was wasted that night, and as a result I smoked my quarter which was supposed to last me the weekend entirely in a night. Anyways, this moring the family and I went out to breakfast, we get back home, and my brother gives me 3 brand new frisbee golf discs, and my parents give me a card, to which my suprise there was a 50 in it, which I wasnt expecting because they ordered me an assload of tattoo needles. They decide to go do somthing, and I went to go pickup a bag. I get home, look in the glovebox of my car to grab a zig zag and in there, its my buddys chillum with a loaded bowl, with one of my zig zags half ass-idly stuck to it with happy birthday writtin on it. with the family still gone i took the dog out back, sat in the sun and toked a nice joint followed by that bowl, sat out there for a while untill the family got home, then ate some cake. On top of all that its a beautiful day out, gotta be atleast 75 out, I got some new disc's, so Im gonna take the dog, get stoned, play some holes and enjoy my birthday.

    --tokin blue--if you read this thanks for the pm bro, its cool when you get to GC and see that.
  2. happy birthday kid. nicee blaaazzinn. did the same 4 my boys 20th, ill be 20 next month. get @ me
  3. sounds like you had a real chill day. Damn, finding a packed bowl from a friend, what could be better than that :smoke:

    i do what i can :D, i'll dedicate this blunt to you
  4. nice man, sounds like a good b-day. i got my 20th coming up in about a month...

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