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the big 1 triple 0

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bud stuffer, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. well i finnally made it to 1000

    ::sparks a bowl in celebration and looks for someone to pass it to::
  2. ya can pass it to me if ya want :D LOL

    congrats on the 1000th post

    ::does the crazy critter dance::
  3. thanks

    ::hands the bowl to cottons while he is doing the crazy critter dance::
  4. ::::doing the 1000 posts dance...crazy critter style::::

    Congrats, man!!! Good job!
  5. ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    (not supposed to be a girly scream but it was anyways.)

    999 and it's time to dance...

    ::: doing the 1000 dance for da stuffa, jiggin it wit style! :::

    happy 1k to u, happy 1k to u... happy 1k to budstufferrrrrr....
    happy 1k to you!

    and i'll be dancing until i hit 1k too.

  6. *hits bowl really hard*

    *does 1k dance for digit*

    *passes out 'cause he forgot to exhale before he started dancing*
  7. ::does thee 1000 post twisty dance for digit::

    congrats to you digit

    may you have a 1000 more

    ::gets dizzy and trips over cottons on the floor, picks up bowl for relief from the spinning::
  8. ::doing the 1000 post dance for bud stuffer and Digit::

    I haven't danced this much in years!!!
  9. Not dancing but i will congradulate Bud Surfer and digit on 1000Posts!!!!!
  10. alright, bud surfer, i can picture it now. me puffing on a surfboard through the tunnel of a huge cresting wave of the sweetest smelling crystaly goodness

    but next time dont make me think so hard about the subject of the post!! I passed it up a few times, then gave it a whirl after thinking (aLL wrong!) that you posted 100 and Im not using the noggin and I was like WHOA and well lemme just get dressed cause Im getting cold since Im done dancing

    weeeeeee :) congrats.
  12. *dances a jig and jigs a dance*

    a-doo doo doo
    a-doo doo doo

    chika chika p'tang


    1000 posts, hope I make it there soon
  13. Congrats on the thousand mann.. :smoke::D:D:smoking:
  14. Way to go! I hope you have many happy posts in the future.

    I hope someone dances for me if i ever make it that high.

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