The Bibles outlook on marijuana

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  1. So I have had an off and on mental debate on whether the bible recognizes marijuana and/or portrays it as an evil thing. My sister who was once a heroin addict at a young age (still a minor) was sent to a Christian teen program for 4 years and In that time she sobered up and went through many group discussions with pastors about the bible she even got to read the whole bible she is now an adult and is clean from hard drugs but still smokes marijuana I've had discussions with her and she says that her interpretations of passages from the bible state marijuana as a form of witchcraft because it alters our natural state of mind. Any comments or thoughts on this topic?

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  2. Religious reprograming is poison...

    Talk about altering "natural state of mind"...

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  3. jesus walked on water and turned water to wine but if someone today did this it would be called witchcraft evil
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  4. Organized religion is fucked. The bible is fucked. Adding religion and/or the bible to things generally makes them fucked. So, weed = witchcraft is fucked, as are the people who somehow make that leap of logic.

    Here's the deal with religion: When you only have 1 tool, you tend to try to use it for everything,even when you shouldn't.
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  5. Organized religion is one of the biggest evils in the world. The bible was written in a different time in the world...a time where they actually believed in witchcraft. Religion has caused more issues than it could ever fix. I have watched family be consumed by it to the point where they sound like lunatics. I'm with the guy above me in wondering how the hell people even make this leap in logic.
  6. There is no explicit mention of cannabis in the Bible, apart from it being an ingredient in the holy ointment.

    Anyone saying the Bible implies a prohibition of Cannabis is applying their own belief and trying to make the Bible say what they already think.

    Those people have no idea what witchcraft is anyway, and our minds need to be altered... It tends to make people more empathetic and peaceful...
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    John 3:14, Hebrews 6:7, Numbers 21:8-9???????
    Colossians 2:20-23, Genesis 1:29, Romans 14:11-23
  8. ?????????????

    Are you implying that these verses refer directly to cannabis use in "Biblical" times?
  9. Romans 14:5
  10. I once smoked some hash wit Jesus.

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  11. 1 John 3:17
  12. Apparently there's a huge discrepancy when it comes to the various forms of biblical interpretation that are presented to the "faithful" these days...

    Instead of posting random #'d versus as your arguing point, perhaps you might consider including the entirety of the textual verse that you're referring to? And its source?
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  13. Maybe you should draw your own conclusions. Did you even bother to read them?
  14. The 1st post asked "what was the Bible's position on cannabis?" He did not ask and I did NOT voice my opinion on the matter.
  15. And as far as the "source", that was in the title of the thread.
  16. Of course I read them (KJV). And I found no explicit reference to cannabis, which is why I asked you to provide which version of "God's word" that you're referring to...
  17. Keep them coming whack. You're giving someone else a break. Just for future reference, personal insults stopped having an effect when I was 10 years old. LOL
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  18. Congratulations. Wasn't an insult, just an observation.

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  19. Read the Numbers 21 and draw your own conclusions. Read and listen to various commentaries. It's the information age. Try Then study Romans chapter 14
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  20. For the record, nobody snitched you out....some of the threads here have to be constantly let's keep on topic...
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