The bible as the inspired word of god

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    Any good sites for refuting the bible as the word of god? My parents' latest attempt to convert me consists of this cheesy e-mail (sorry for the wall of text, there is so much fuckin HTML in it that I can't even put it into little blocks for you guys. kudos if you get through it all lol)

    I've already presented them with a few things off the top of the head, looking for something that will really make them stop bothering me

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    I believe everything is an extension of god. (All in the All)
    ...but there are contradictory passages in the bible. Even supposed teachings of Christ contradict things in the bible.

    I view the bible as inspired by god but sometimes that inspiration gets a little twisted and ad-libbed (like a game of telephone)

    So I would call it the Words of Men (but inspired by God)

    Christianity is a path but it is not the only path. (but the more you keep your mind open to multiple paths the more opportunity you have to gain wisdom)
  3. post some teachings of Christ that contradict eachother.
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  4. If god is omnipotent, can he create a stone that he cannot lift?
  5. You shouldn't waste your life refuting nonsense like this. It's none of your parents' goddamn business.
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    lol...The texts on this site are ALL inspired 'works of God' as well...all the same reason for rules and dogma of these causes division...but take your pick! It all references the One in a human perspective...and the Bible is in with allllll the rest.

    Internet Sacred Text Archive Home

    ***and please share this 'challenge' with them....although Christians have their trump card and play it at any challenge......'The DEVILLEEEE'

    look up Zoroastrianism for precursors to Christianity...

    I wouldnt waste my time justifying anything will only waste YOUR time....because they will not be content for you to follow YOUR own path to find the Way...sigh....
  7. Tell them politely you aren't interested, then just ignore it.
    There is no point in arguing.
  8. That's one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever heard.

    A bunch of people decide to tack on a second half to the revered holy book of another religion and suddenly it's the word of God?
  9. just then tell them the bible has the math for light and origins...

    oh wait, that is not what you wanted....sorry.
  10. Aren't there varying accounts of Jesus' crucifixion? Like, one man heard him say "momma I'm comin' home" and another guy heard him say "Father, why have you forsaken me?"

    Or something like that. I'm not very well versed on the bible (no pun intended). Read a bit, and was raised with it, but don't remember all that much. Pretty sure I've heard of contradictions, though.

    But man, don't waste your time. Some people will believe in Hylian fish people, some people will believe in God. As long as they don't kill anyone, everything should be cool.
  11. how about inspired by lunatics like me.....

    Read more: Transcendent Experience
  12. >_> the people who wrote the bible... used other books of the bible to write them.

    That doesn't impress me. and
    wtf book was he reading?! sweet baby jesus that just destroyed any credibility he may have had.
  13. ask them why they are so deeply concerned with your belief in......
    bible stories.

    then ask them if they think you are any worse of a person for having a different opinion.
    if so, then i think that speaks for itself.
  14. At this time you cannot prove, or disprove the bible, so no, there is no secret site that invalidates the bible that you haven't heard about. Tell your parents that if they believe the messages in the Bible and that god has a master plan, then they should know according to their beliefs that you are exactly as you should be. If they cannot accept that, they need to re-evaluate their own belief, because they sound confused.
  15. Just ask them the question I posed above and watch the smoke roll out of their ears as they attempt to defend their precious "god"
  16. Ok, so I'm about 9 days late to the party, but I actually took a class on the origins of Christianity a year and a half ago. I have similar problems with my parents, and usually I just avoid the conversation as best I can, but I've found that over time they've gradually come to accept that I don't share their beliefs. My mom still periodically asks me what I believe about Jesus if it comes up, but I usually evade that question, it usually comes via email, and that makes things particularly easy.

    Anyway, if you want to refute the Bible, all you need to do is remind them that everything in it, really, is based on either oral traditions or the books that were already written, which were, well, based on oral traditions. The Bible wasn't written down as events occurred, it was written down decades or centuries after the fact. Paul is the only one who can attest to Christ coming to Paul, and although I have little evidence to support it, I typically believe that he was full of shit and more interested in his legacy than anything. Revelations was semi-canonical until the 1400s I think it was, the memory is getting fuzzy, but it was definitely only semi-canonical until the church decided that all of the books of the canon of that time should just be fully canonical and no new books were to be added. The purpose of the book of Revelations is still under debate by religious scholars to this day. The gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke are believed to be drawn from the same source, and there are different accounts of what Jesus said while being crucified, and at one point, if the Bible is to be taken literally, Jesus is in two places at once.

    That more or less discredits the email they sent you, but my advice would be to just take the higher path and not argue with them. If they are devout, they will hold to their faith so tightly that reason is meaningless. I've had relatives employ circular logic in trying to tell me that my religious preferences were wrong, I could have called them out on it, but what would have been the point? They would have denied it, and nothing would have been accomplished other than the deterioration of the relationship.
  17. You should try reading the Bible for yourself.

    Use the mind that God gave you.

    You don't need anyone else's web site or asinine opinion.

    Blue Letter Bible - Home Page
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  18. ^^^ People with a brain (that use it) have already seen what religious fanaticism thanks.

  19. hard not to see it ....
    unless you just dont want to......;):smoke:

  20. The Bible has a lot to say about government.

    The Bible tells the story of human governments from beginning to end.

    It's worth the read for that insight alone.

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