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Discussion in 'General' started by TokingToker, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I was at my buddies house, getting ready to smoke, when one of his friends calls, he wanted to smoke and he said he would bring a bag. We allow him to smoke, now this guy does not back off a bet if you make one with him. So I bet him he could not drink a gallon of iced tea without pissing until he finished it, if he lost, I get his bag, if he wins, he gets one of my bags.

    We start smoking and he drinks half of it by now, I can see he has the urge to piss, he starts shaking his leg back and forth, so I say I gotta piss, so I leave the room and lock the top bathroom's door, I then go downstairs and lock that. You need a key to get in and they cannot be open unless you have that key or unlock it from the inside.

    I come back and he's trying to gulp it down so he can piss, and I start to laugh. We finish a few bowls and he finishes it. I go to the doorway to get a bag on the nightstand and this dude stands up runs towards me and says "MOVE I GOTTA PEE!" so I pop my head out the doorway and he's banging on the door and shouts "WHO'S IN THERE!?" Me and my buddy start cracking up, he then runs past and this fucker JUMPS down the fucking stairs, no, he didn't run down them he fucking jumped.

    He gets to the bottom and finds out it's lock, he runs outside and pisses all over the front lawn. He comes back in and he's like "That's fucked up." So were both rolling on the floor laughing to the point where our jaws hurt. I give him his bag and we start toking again.

    Oh my god I can't laughing. :D
  2. LOL! Oh man I couldn't even imagine how funny that would be... Id say it was kinda fucked up to lock the doors, but you gave him a sac so its straight :D

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