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The best words to hear when you're NOT high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by baklavation, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. "dude, you want to do some drugs"

    "he has dank."
    "Does he want to sell it?"
    "yes. he does."
  2. "u get greens"
  3. here, have 2 free ounces of northern lights
  4. "I just picked up some dank bud."
  5. "Wake up, a group of big breasted hot blonde girls just came over and want to smoke you up on blunts of NYC Diesel while performing oral sex on you."

  6. i think that one wins ...:D...

  7. I agree id love to hear that
  8. from the gf:

    "honey, would you like to borrow some money to get some weed?"

    she doesn't smoke. i love those words :)
  9. Friend calls up..

    "Hey, dude, you busy tonight?"
    "Nah. Why?"
    "You needs to come over, just scored a full of Blueberry."
    "See ya in 5."

    Too fucking bad it doesn't happen...

  10. "hey man, I got a bottle of crown, a deck of cards, and 2 shot glasses! LETS PLAY BLACKJACK!"

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