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What type?

  1. American or British

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  2. Russian

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  3. Black

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  4. Spanish or South American

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  5. Asian

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  6. Arab

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  7. Native American, Indian

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  8. Other

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  9. Ashley Judd type

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  1. What kind of women are ya\'ll into?

    What about weight? You like em small and skinny? You like em with a little meat or a lot of meat? Or you like em with love handles and jelly rolls?

    I personally like women from Costa Rica, fucking gorgeous skin. And I like them thin but with shape ya know? I love curvey bodies but no bouncy fat bitches for me :) Sorry if that didnt come out right or if I offended you, but thats my opinion on the weight issue.

    I like women to be a little shorter or around the same height as me, im 6\'1 160 lbs.

    And for the ladies, same question to you just different sexes\'. What type of men do you prefer? Height weight race and so on...I already know everyone here cares about personality as well but this thread aint about personality its about whats on the outside, lol.

  3. Yah, spanish chicks are hot. You ever notice how there are no ugly women on spanish television? Almost all the women on spanish soap operas are incredible looking. if only I could understand what they were saying. :D

    Personally I like women shorter than me and kinda thick all over. Not \"pudgy,\" but with enough meat on their bones so theres something to hold on to. Supermodel skinny is too skinny for me. Beyonce and J-Lo are good sizes. I\'d hook up with either one of them.

    I think women today are too hard on themselves. A little jiggle can be very sexy. ;)
  4. im white, and i like white chicks.. preferable brunette with long hair.. brown eyes.. not overly tan, small and petite...... (of course blonde hair, blue eyes is ok too)

    but i also have a thing for latinas.. must be my height or shorter (im 5\'9).. nice long straight black hair is a plus.. i prefer small and petite.. but a little cusion for the pushin dont hurt either sometimes.

    god i love females... mmmmmmmm
  5. What about the personalities??

    I wouldn\'t want a woman ( no matter what she looked like) if she didn\'t have a great personal;ity....

    my pick would be RMJL, Flowerchild, Ganjamom, Stonygurl, Highyawatha, Stonie jo.. Not in that absolute order and could be all at once!!!
  6. oh... personalities... well... uhhh..... thats a whole different thread...

  7. Yea but if she doesn\'t have personality she isn\'t my cup of tea!
  8. i pretty much like all types of men. hmmmmm. sometimes tall and thin, sometimes shorter and muscular, some between the two. but i hafta agree with bud head about the personality. it\'s easy to look good. but having personality is what makes u tick. right.

  9. Now thats what i\'m talking about.. You can eventually get any type of person if you try hard enough.. It won\'t be that good with out personality!!
  10. u said it bud head!!!

  11. Well thank ya Daisey!!!!!!!

    I do try my best when stoned!!!!

  12. Awwwwww...........Bud Head, you are sooooo sweet!!! LOL. But I don\'t think you could handle us all at once!!!!!

    But yeah, I\'ve dated all different types of men and women and personality is definitely a major priority in my book. But I seem to have this thing with men that are a \"little older\" than me. (And no, I\'m not looking for a father figure!). With age comes maturity and wisdom and I find those two traits a major turn-on!!!!!!!

  13. I\'m a little older than you..and I\'m EXPERIENCED too!
    I\'d also bet that for a short time I could handle every one of ya at once!!!!!!!

    I may not be as good as i once was.............................but ..................I\'m as good once as I ever was!!!!!!

  14. Spoken like the true \"romeo\" you always are!!! LOL
  15. Hahaha

    I am not a teaser.. There is so much fun being a pleaser!!!!!!
  16. Tease me, please me, and make me beg for more!! Beat me, lick me, spank me and I only like it more!!!!!! In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than owning my own personal \"man whore\"!!!!!!! LOL

  17. I\'m not classified as a whore yet.....

    I\'m a gigilo!!!!!!!!
  18. yes personality is definatly one of the most important things

    but like i said that is a whole different thread..

    i believe this one was mainly about looks.

    maybe someone should start another thread about the perfect personality for a woman... i would but im too high and lazy now :)
  19. i\'m into quite simply every catergory i dun judge by race, if they lookin sublime and actin quite fine then she\'s definetly mine.
  20. But i love South American and Black ( )( ) Boooty Loadz!!!

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