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The best weed is FREE (kinda)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by evogottago, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So I was out in my car lighting up a bowl and i look down and notice that there's a beautiful skunky nug laying inbetween my seat and the armrest compartment. I finished off the bowl and ithrew it in there. It was from a bag i had a while back. I decided to pack up a bowl of all the stray weed i could find in my car :D. I havn't cleaned my car in like 8 months lol. Let me just say, im officially the most :smoke: I've ever been...
    If anyone has this much stray weed laying around on the floor of their car, feel free to try it n tell me the results. Just remember to pull out all the carpet hairs
  2. no weed in my car but there's alot of ash :/
  3. Yeah I'm far too careful to be dropping weed about the place :p Have done it a couple of times to be fair though, around my room an the car etc. awesome feeling!
  4. I keep my car spotless because I either keep it clean, or its an illegal stoner haven. I do find a lot of random nugs around my room though. Usually right where I last broke up some ganja after I probably got high and spaced out forgetting it.
  5. dood thats mad funny cause senior year at high school me and my buddy chillen at his house with no pot and were like dood theres got to be weed lying around here (he sold pot) so we are looking between couch cusions, and behind the desk, and all this shit, well we ended up finding a nice joints worth, and we got so high off that little joint, for some reason weed that has been sittin around either gets more potent, or your smoking some kinda mold or fungi that built up on it. either way you get high as shit!
  6. Haha, finding weed is mint as shit. I was cleaning out my car one time when I sucked up a nice J in a vacum cleaner! Luckily it was a right shitty one and I was able to just shake the hose and it fell out. A couple days later I moved my computer desk a bit and found another J just chillin on the floor. Both got my nice and lit!

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