The Best Way to Smoke and in a Crap Economy

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  1. it was my birthday yesterday and I've been down about my job situation and a recent breakup, so my best friend threw me a party and got me an 8th of granddaddy purple and a BC Chillum she'd ordered off the internet that she said was going to blow my mind. (here's the website We made a gravity bong with an ocean spray bottle by cutting off the bottom and filling the sink with water, and using the BC in the mouth. She ground up the weed and only used a pinch (the bowl isn't that big but a ground up pinch burns completely so there's no waste...hella efficient) and the smoke in the bottle was thick and a little intimidating but I was surprised over how it was really smooth. The key is pushing down nice and evenly so it looks like a smoke column and taking a deep breath rather than sucking so you don't cough. I've never smoked from a gravity bong since the bowl part always seemed too complex to contruct, but with the BC, we only had to cut the bottom off the bottle and fill the sink. Now I can't believe I've gone this long without the gravity bong. It was probably the longest high I've ever had, really strong and intense but in an expansive comfortable way if that makes sense. I was definitely couch-locked but not in a non-functional way, very happy and content. One of my best highs ever. No sore smoker's throat this morning. We probably had about 20 people at the party all smoking from the gravity bong, but this morning I got up and it looks like there's still around half of the 8th left which is unreal for how high everyone was and how many hits we took. I took another hit from the gravity bong this morning and it was literally just a pinch of weed and I've been good all day. I usually go through about a quarter of weed a month. I think if I stick to the gravity bong, I can make this half of an 8th last a month. I don't know why it took so long for me to discover this. Thanks Kayla, thanks BC Chillum, I love you marijuana, and long live the gravity bong.
  2. stop posting this shit man. the bucket chillum could be made by a waterhead baby. stop hyping this shit up i dont wnt nonnnneeeeee.
  3. cool idea but the website is sketchy as hell.
  4. holy shit ha i just got this for my bday and i completely agree
  5. u guys talking about a gravity bong?
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    Wow I got to tell you that whole

    "People using names of famous people who already exist as their user names" is getting real fucking old.

    It was funny the first time
    but now it's just annoying

    Are you really that uncreative?

    There's no individuality on these forums anymore, it's just everyone agreeing with each other. There is no conflicting information, no major disagreements, everyone just conforms too fast.

    That's not even a Chillum
  7. Did someone seriously try to patent a gravity cap and just gave it the name " BC Bucket Chillum" oh man
  8. Does it really matter man? Who cares let them be, they're not causing you any pain.

    And as stated before the website looks sketchy as fuck.
  9. Man, I don't care. It gets me high without my putting in too much effort so I'm happy! :smoking:
  10. just smoke diffrent weeds. as in, dont buy a oz of one kind get a mixed sack and smoke a difftent kind each time. that will also get you high easier and longer.
  11. wall of text
  12. what a waste of money, just be creative it takes like 5 mins to make a gb... that thing is a waste of 10 bucks lol and i think its looks rediculous with the massiv rubber cone and all
  13. Still looks pretty ghetto. I wouldn't say that I would prefer that over anyone elses homemade grav piece.

  14. except it is most definitely a you can take it out of the rubber thing and blaze

    granted its not a glass chillum but it is a chillum nonetheless.
  15. Bought one off the site and got it in a couple of days. Makes me pretty :D
  16. It may just be coincidence, but everyone who has posted as to buying and liking this product are all new members, with a fairly low post count.


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