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Discussion in 'General' started by wildc@rd, Dec 1, 2001.

  1. In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...the A-Team.

    I was watching a re-run of this the other day and laughed my ass off. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) involved in the show used the same semi-automatic rifles. Did the producers have a special deal with a gun club or something.

    Also, with the amount of bullets that were liberally spread around, how come hardly anyone got shot?

    Best watched whilst high me thinks...

  2. it was funny wasnt it!lol
  3. That would definately have to be Monty Python and the Flying Circus. I love the Brits, they have such tawdry humor. How about Mr. Bean?
  4. no the holiy gral was fucking artistic and fun as hell!
  5. what are you doing here to night good looking ,no not you wildcard!lol
  6. John Cleese cracks me up! One of my fave movies is "A Fish Called Wanda". How about the Jabberwocky?
  7. i havent seen them! yet i saw only a few mins of ,a fish called wanda so dont tell me about it i well watch it i hope!i love the ,who done its and scifi and and thing that i can learn from discover chanle,any facts ,any input! are you going to say any thing wild card we are waiting for you to join in!
  8. I'm embarassed to admit it....but I'm addicted to the COPS show on t.v. I cant help it. There is some crazy stuff on that show.
  9. that fucking rules!!!!!!i love live action shows , they get a drugs i cry ! its sad !,but the rest kicks ass!
  10. I actually enjoy reading more than t.v. So it really burns me up when they make a movie based on a book I havent read yet. So I stick to the educational yet recreational side of t.v.
    I'm also addicted to that cartoon "Hey Arnold" for some reason. Maybe it is because there is nothing on but news during that time.
  11. no its because you love it it has what the taste buds like ! fun and great art as well as story content! its funwhat thing we se and enjoy its like wildcards a team they were funy and they still are to me !you not sliping gal you just like what you like!smile and enjoy the feelings if its ,and yes books are my study! i got 3700 in my libary at home! from 1841 to present day! i have some real great books ! every copy of saterday evening post made and many other mags as well !there is something about reading a 150 old book tha sets the mind to the times of when they where writen! like the frist edtion swiss family robinson!and the 8 book set of walter witman! or the last reblion! i know just what your saying !i can taste the ink on the pages as i read these words of time!
  12. THe SImpSONs!!! i waTch thiS shOw at lEAsT twIce a DaY! EveR seE thE ePIsoDE wheN BArT BUyS a " KewL PEnCIl HOLdeR"... HOmER RECogNIzeS iT!! itS a BONG!! CLaSSIC!!!
  13. I grew up on the A-Team! That and McGuyver were my two favorites!!! My Dad's one major influence on me were those and Jimmy Buffett...

    Nowadays you will catch me watching the Simpsons, and Friends... I don't know what it is about Friends, but it is just so fuckin FUNNY! Malcolm in the Middle is good too, and Titus is good w/ alot of pot references... Stacey Keach is the shit! I started watching that b/c Titus grew up in this area and he's always in the local newspaper...

    Those are all comedies though, has anyone seen that new show 24? James and I watched that super stoned the first time and we're HOOKED. Sopranos is good too, though not enough shows in a season and too much time between seasons...

    I'm beginning to feel like I watch entirely too much TV... :)

    SPEAKING OF READING however.. READ Hearts in Atlantis, I haven't seen the movie but the book had me mesmerized all 670 pages of it!!! NOT your typical Stephen King novel!
  14. The A team was a damn fine show! At the moment I have to say my fave shows are The Simpsons, Jackass and I like robot wars too! I also love the Kevin smith films (especially Dogma)
    And being a "Brit" I love all the Python stuff and as someone else said, Holy grail has to be the funniest film around!!!

    (was Jackass intended for stoned people as I piss myself laughing evrery time I watch it!!)
  15. Oh and if you like John Cleese I think he was at his best in Fawlty Towers!!! That was fucking funny!!!

    Also love watching documentary stuff like Walking with dinosaurs and other nature shows on Discovery

  16. Shit man, just how old are you?????
  17. I would have to say Ren and Stimpy was the best cartoon ever until they took it off the air. Now, There is Spongebob Squarepants, it's great.

    I can't say I've ever seen the A-team though, I guess it was a bit before my time.

    For good quality entertainment you can't beat the fox networks sunday night line up of futerama, king of the hill, the simpsons, malcolm in the middle, and the x- files.
  18. Jesus... best tv show ever... That's a hard one.

    We have classics such as The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and The Hitchhiker, although the latter was set in the 80's. There was a new Twilight Zone that paled in comparison to the previous. As far as comedy goes, Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, Fawlty Towers, SCTV, Old SNL, Tenacious D, How could we forget The Young Ones. A show I saw on the BBCA yet know nothing about aside from it being rather hilarious was one called Brilliant! it seemed to be a variety show. Could any of the resident Brits let me know what's up with that show?

    Any nature documentary, even Disney's nature documentaries were excellent.

    Animation... Ren and Stimpy, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead (in small doses), The Family Guy, The Biscuits, The Mr. T cartoon (I pity the fool that doesn't enjoy that one) and Dragon's Lair and it's bastard cousin Space Ace.

    I'm sure I'm leaving tons out... but I have to say my vote for the best tv show ever is not going to be well received.

    Frickin' 21 Jumpstreet. I loved the hell out of that show when I was growing up. It was excellent, although I'm sure it was highly peppered with Reagan-era drug propaganda. But it was an early vessel for Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco, the former went on to become someone... and Grieco... well, he's just Grieco.

    Close runner up was another 80's show, I think it was simply called Werewolf. The main character was seeking the werewolf that scratched him and cursed him with lycanthropy. His transformation was signaled by a bleeding pentagram in his hand. Anyone remember this one?
  19. OMG...The Young Ones!!! I remember that show and I used to watch it religiously as a youngster. My brother made me stop watching it though because I started running around the house saying, "bloody bastard!"

    I'd have to say that all around my favorite show would be Seinfeld. Since I've got time during the day I've been watching 3rd Rock and The Nanny. I know this sounds pretty gay but I like that soap opera Days of our Lives. My ex-girlfriend would make me watch and I think I'm hooked.

    My favorite shows during the evening are Ally, AbFab, The Daily Show, The Family Guy, Simpsons, Malcom, Friends, and South Park. I think the best late night show is Conan. You guys remember Mr. Show on HBO?! That show was hilarious!

    Now favorite cartoons would be a tough one to choose. The Adventures of Tin Tin would be my favorite since I used to read the books when I was little. A close 2nd would be Thunder Cats, HeMan, or Transformers. On Nickolodeon I used to watch Double Dare and You Can't do that on Television.

    Back to the boob tube.

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