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The best time you ever smoked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Symphony, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I wanna make this thread huge.
    I want the entire community of fellow cannabis enjoyers, to post their best smoking story.

    By best smoking story, I mean, the best herb you've ever had, that got you so high, and there was nothing sketchy about it, nothing to worry about, and everything just went perfectly.

    So share your stories, I'll start it off.

    My friends and I, were heading to our buddies house, where he was gonna smoke us out, with some dank, frosty, juicy, delicious, "Sour D"...

    It was about 1am, and we had just come from a party.
    It was a good party (got laid, so the night was already off to a good start)

    We arrived, we smoked the Diesel, and talked in this guys backyard for like an hour, just talking about nothing.
    Th way the moonlight was hitting us, and the temperature was just right, the whole night around us was "alive".

    It was a perfect moment.

    After we smoked, it was about 3am now, we drove to Jack n The box, where we got some awesome food, drove to a nearby parking lot, and we munched down.

    After an orgasmic meal, we finally got to my friends house, where we chilled in his room, and talked some more, until i finally passed out, in his giant beanbag chair.

    It was a great time, and is the best time I ever smoked. (so far)

    Your turn!
  2. tonight was cool. ive had good luck at work with my numbers and today after work i got to smoke out with some friends id made at the last store i worked at and smoked with my old boss.

    a year ago right towards the end of my last job, I was working pissed of and said that i was going to smoke with the awesome manager before i quit, ended up going to a work friends house and smoking with the manager that night and quiting the next morning.
  3. Ah, this one time myself and a few close friends drove out to an Indian Reservation to go to the sweeeet casino/water park there. We were all taking bong hits on the way there and smoked more in the parking lot, no worries at all. We got in and the waterslide was crazy. We returned to the car a few times to smoke more and just all had a really good time together in the sun.
    Also, my favorite stoner moment of all time occured on this day.
    We were debating whether or not to start heading home and my friend asks, "Well, what time is it?"
    "Uhmmm... 4:20"
    "Awwwww, we have to stay!!" :D
    So we went back out to the car again and smoked a few more bowls. Extremely chill and honestly one of the best days of my life.
  4. You honestly expect me to pick one time out of 32 years of smoking? :confused_2:

    Can't be done.
  5. one of my first times. Its all new and things were fun as hell. I remember the first time i got high and ate something crunchy. It was like the crunch was in my head, so i just laughed and laughed. I miss those days
  6. +rep boy
  7. I was a noob smoker at the time (still kinda am) so I can't tell you what strain it was or where it came from, but I do know that it was definitely sativa dominant. I was sitting in my boyfriend's house, listening to some music he had going on the computer. It was beautiful, flowy music, and I was just sitting there swaying to it. First I felt as though I was floating inside a crystal made of water. I was in the room, but all around me was this liquid crystal. After a while it felt like I was made of crystal. I whispered to myself, "My eyes are crystals, my mind is a crystal, my heart is a crystal." Then, I had this image that I was seaweed, and I was swaying with the gentle current of the water. Everything around me was light blue and green, like I was sitting at the bottom of a pond on a spring day. I heard a noise outside and I had no idea what it was, but I was perfectly ok with that. The world just existed, and I existed in it. There were no dangers around me, and nothing scared me. It was the most peaceful moment of my life.
    There have been many more awesome trips since then. Once, I was flying so high in the sky that I could see the curvature of the earth, and then I became the plane I was flying in. Another time, every image I had was of water and nature and trees, and there was sort of a village cut out into a cliff face where the people lived in the trees, and all around were trees and a stream and a waterfall, and I was flowing with the current of the water.
    I love water even when I'm sober ^_^

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