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The Best Things To Do Whilst Stoned

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DeadTalent, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. This topic has probably been done before im new and cant be fucked looking for it and i want some stuff to do.

    What ive done so far:

    - Watched Movies
    - Masturbation/Sex
    - Watched Cat Videos On Youtube.
    - Put on a jumper that was in the freezer for months ( MUST TRY IT FELT LIKE HEAVEN )
    - Munched
    - Went for an adventure
    - Thought of my self as a pirate ( Must try i couldn't stop pissing myself )
    - Swimming.

    Ill make a list of things people must try do depending on likes and such :)
  2. I do everything while high. Just normal day by day shit
  3. same for me

  4. Exactly.
    If you don't smoke often and like to enjoy your high though, sex by far is the best while high.
  5. Weed to me is like booze to my dad weekends and Thursdays only i like to do random funny shit whilst im stoned.
  6. true dat!
    sitting anywhere with lots of open space much better while high :)
    -toke some more
    -listen to music (check out 8track)
    -look at the stars
    -think of your existence on earth

    That is if youre toking alone. I usually stay away from technology when Im high. I turn off my phone, computer and any electronic devices. I actually made a list of things to do while im high but its very personal so I will not share it on the forums, but I recommend yall do the same.

    Love da herb
  8. Listen to Bob Marley
  9. snowboarding at night while high is probably the most magical experience attainable on earth
  10. jump on a trampoline! ride your bike, read a book, hang out with animals, go on an adventure!
  11. video games! :smoke:
  12. - Any Bill Murray movie
    - Sports event (baseball or hockey is awesome)
    - Go to a club and try to pick up some chicks (when I'm high I hit on chicks better at least lol)
    - Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album by The Beatles.

    Just to name a few "unique" experiences off the top of my head.
  13. Things to do whilst high:
    Reflect on life (gets sketchy)
    Drive around town listening to beats.
    Go to the mall or Walmart (probably my favorite)
    Adventure into the woods and try to find your way out (can be dangerous)
    Climb a tree
    If you have a lavalamp, its pretty cool to look at
    Play hackystack (definitely my favorite)
    Have an airsoft or nerf gun fight (childish but fun)
    Play Xbox, preferably Halo: Reach... It's unbelievable high.
    Eat :)
  14. Watch a meteor shower. There's gonna be one the night of August 11
  15. dress up in a bear suit or other costume with a mask and walk through wal mart casually saying "what's up?" to people every once in a while. Trust me, it's fun and it gives you an adrenaline rush :smoke:

    *be sure to leave any paraphernalia in your car or at home in case you get in trouble (don't know why you would lol)

    have fun! :smoke:
  16. #17 foxglove0124, Dec 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2012
    This. Only acceptable answer :D

    Edit: I did the thing in the post above me except I was a storm trooper and I let the pre recorded voice samples in my.helmet do all the talking. The funny thing was that everything it said was contextually relevant to the people I was speaking to hahaha got a laugh out of everyone in the store. Especially funny when we left the checkout in a hurry cause my boy was sketching out and it yelled GO, GO, GO!
  17. go to a store and buy donuts, i did it once with some friends and we found a free cutie stand and spent like 5 minutes peeling the cuties and laughing our asses off. it got so bad that i was crying from laughing so hard
  18. whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst whilst

    Finally another thread to say whilst besides mine!

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