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  1. Just recently found spidermites on the undersides of my leafs there in the starting phase and my plant is still in veg, so what would be the best organic treatment for spidermites that i could use from veg-flower that would kill them and keep them away? Im going to the hydro store tomarrow but just dont want to get talked into something that dosent work then the mites come back with a vengeance. So what would be the best thing to use?

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  2. NEEM OIL, it's nature's best defense against bugs and diseases. Also, sulfur fungicides and several other orgAnic pesticides you'll find at your local hydro store.

    Definitely go with the neem oil though, it can be used up to harvest but don't spray it on your buds too late into flower. There's also some natural remedies for spider mites... I forget but I.think it was potato slices on top of the soil.

    Did you read the stickies? They're pretty informative on how to deal with spider mites.
  3. neem oil is great for prevention but does not work to get rid of an infestation. read stickies to find the best method for you.
  4. i Decided to get Mighty wash and it seemed to work i only had a few mites like 5 or 6 on one leaf but they were no where else but on this one leaf, but i still sprayed the whole plant with cold water than mighty wash then went the next day with just mighty wash and i havent seem anything yet been checking everyday hopefully it keeps them away the guy at the hydro store said it would.

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  5. This is what I use- preferably the peppermint variety. 
    A 4 ounce bottle (which will last "forever") will set you back less than $5! Health food stores have it as do some markets, or you can find it online. Mix as directed and spray your plants until they are drenched!  Any soap that falls on your soil will be eaten by soil microbes and turned into ferts for your plant!  Let the soap dry and rinse it off the next day with tepid water!  Repeat every 3rd day until you find no more mites (3 or 4 times).  It has wiped out the mites every time I have picked them up. And since it kills by smothering the bugs, they can NOT build up a tolerance to it! Insecticidal soaps are old-fashioned, but they work!
    And Dr Bronner's soap won't leave your plants with that nasty neem taste! :p  
  6. I use neem oil, biodegrdeable dish soap,and protekt silica. Use it once every 2 days three times then after that rinse the plants with plain water to rinse off any residue. I do this oncea month for maintainence and never have issues with pests.
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  9. No, im still vegging her for 21 more days 60day veg I see some of the tips of her pistils are getting orange. I have 0-2-1SuperB+/FloranovaGrow7-4-10/FloranovaBloom4-8-7

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  10. hey Granny, you've always had very very sound advice and your many years of experience show in your posts, but i'll have to argue with your claim that neem oil leaves a nasty taste. in fact, neem oil is composed of multiple monoterpenes that enhance marijuana's own terpenes. in essense, if used correctly, CPNO can increase the potential characteristics of a given strain.
    But Dr. Bronners soap is tried and true for the situation.
  11. plants will preflower in veg if they are sexually mature enough without changing light cycle. Some strains wil need a flip on the lights but most dont i just wait 5 to 8 weeks and they will show sex in veg. 18/6 being ideal for veg imo. Dont be quick to dump nutes on a problemcould cause more harm then good i honestly would do a ewc tea or a kelp and alfalfa botanical would work much better to address nutrient deficiency. That is if ur organic already if ur already using chemical nutes then those wouldnt be really too effective for ya.
  12. so should i just flip her or leave her alone for the 21 days ? Then flip to12/12.

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  13. all depends on how big ur flowering space is. I veg till the plant is half the size or so i know it will be when finished stretching in flower. Sativas can go three times the size.

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