the best thing ever for anyone into digital art

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Retroshark, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. so as many of you art heads will know, adobe recently aquired macromedia, so now all previous macromedia releases are now labelled under adobe. while people may think whatever... what does this all mean?

    well, i just got adobe creative suite 3, and i was extremely pleasantly surprised to find that as well as Illustrator, photoshop, i also received flash, dreamweaver and fireworks all in one package! all of the new software is really well designed, except for the icons which are way too simple and boring, but whatever, this is something that anyone who is interested in photoshop or digital media should take a look at.

    of course it is very expensive to buy, but you guys are all smart, and cheap, so i know yall can find multiple ways to get the software at no cost.

    ill add some screenshots to this thread later on when i start messing with the new software apps.
  2. ya I already have pirated copies of photoshop cs3 and illustrator cs3 and they are quite nice. I really like the live trace in illustrator. I downloaded premiere cs3 but I was disappointed that now to make a dvd you have to export to Adobe Encore, f that noise. Also the pirated copy of premiere almost made me have an aneurysm due to all the glitches and bugs when trying to export. Guess I will stay with premiere pro.
  3. man live trace has helped me a bunch of times, but still, nothing beats the motherfuckin pen tool. that shit is the hands down, best way to draw graphics on a computer.

    i used to use premiere til i got my mac, now im all final cut, and that shit just rocks my world. final cut > *
  4. final cut hd is pretty much the industry standard for non-linear editing. I am jealous, I want a G5 sooooo bad it hurts.
  5. dude

    its not g5's any more my man. its all about the dual xeons.

    im getting the new mac pro with dual 3ghz quad, yes 4 core xeon chips. itll have 4 gigs of ram (not even nearly enough for what i want) and about 750gb to 1tb of storage. its gonna be my full on video workstation and i plan to use every teraflop of processing (that statement probably makes no sense lol)

    but yea, its ALL about the mac pros. although theres been a lot of talk about the quad core xeons having issues with not high enough FSB ratings for ammount of cores they have, how can you resist an 8 core system??? im also getting the latest ATI card that i can get stock from apple, but i want to run a high end nvidia chip, they just dont offer the ones id like to get.

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