The best "that's what she said" you've ever heard/said...

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  1. Title says all. What's the best "that's what she said" you've ever said or heard?

    I have two, both from me.

    I was smoking with one of my buddies who had never smoked before, so he wasn't used to the taste of ganja. He took a hit and said, "It tastes so bad, but I don't want to stop..."

    Ya'll know what I responded with.

    The other one was at the Christmas party that my parents throw every year. My dad's one friend was drunk as hell (I had just smoked a bowl, myself lol) and he started fucking around with a bowl of guacamole because he was curious as to why there were artichoke hearts in it. So he goes, "I mean, I know this is guacamole, but why are there balls in it?"

    Lol. Now you.
  2. In chemistry, we were talking about an equation, and the teacher said it was really long, and really hard.

    I yelled from the back "THATS WHAT SHE SAID HAHAHA"

    Lets just say that she doesn't slip up and say perverted shit like that anymore.
  3. "I just came all over the place"
    "Thats what she said"

    ...... :poke:
  4. in the locker room:

    some kid: "I can smell it from here"
  5. My friends mom had just taken us to eat to celebrate our graduation from undergrad, and we were driving home. She had a toothpick in one hand, and jabbed it on her lip as we went over a speedbump.

    Friend's mom: "Well, thats what I get for putting hard wood in my mouth while driving!"

    It has been almost a year and my buddy still hasn't come close to hearing the end of it :D
  6. I was smoking with some friends, and the bong got clogged. So someone said something like "You'll have to suck hard on this." You know what happened next.
  7. :hello:

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  8. hahahhahah sooooooooo epic :hello::hello::D:D:smoking::smoking:
  9. this one time i was in an elevator downtown when i used to deliver pizzas. i cleared my throat and it was obvious there was a loogie that came up and this stranger turned to me and said "That's what she said"
  10. I was at football practice and we were doing skirmish drills...I was playing defensive End and my 2 buddies were playing inside, but they both sucked, so my coach runs up and is like "GOD DAMNIT! BOTH OF YOU ATTACK THAT HOLE!"

    ...."COACH!"....."What Jake"...."Thats what she said"....We got a couple good laughs. It was even funnier to watch 2 200 lb. dudes try and fit through one hole.
  11. I say amazing ones every day that I work. I work at a pizza place that are locally famous for their huge pizza slices.
    Whenever someone new walks in and orders a slice they're always amazed at the size and they say, 'Wow, thats huge!'
    And I follow up with a sweet, 'Thats what she said!'.
    I usually get some chuckles, and thats what its all about.
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    I say that's what she said all the time haha. Best phrase ever.

    Here's a couple. If I think of more I'll post them.

    I was in one of my cooking classes this guy asked someone about making a meringue. The other guy told him how to make it, including the line, "whip it still its stiff." Then I responded....

    Oh, and there was this time I was buying a couple posters at rasputin, the girl ringing it up for me rolled them up and stuck one inside of the other. Then she said, "I just stuck that one in there for fun." So naturally I responded. I think that was the best one I have ever heard.

    Edit: Just remembered one. I was on my way to class, and I was gonna be like 5 min late. But our instructor locks the door right at 10. So I text this girl in my class and see if I should bother even going or not. She responded with "Yeah come" so I texted back, that's what she said. But she didn't see it til like 2 hours into class. It was hella funny she just looked at her phone and started laughing hella hard.
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  14. When I was working, one of my co-workers were trying to align a door, and said to himself, "why won't it fit?"

    Me: That's what she said!

  15. best 1 by far! LOL.

    My friend and I were walking back to his house and we were crossing this busy intersection and these 2 cars crashed when we were about to walk, we witnessed the whole thing. Someone probably died, it was terrible. All I could say was "My god.." My friend then turned to me and said "THATS WHAT SHE SAID!" I laughed because it turned something so awful into something kinda funny. My friend felt bad for saying it after.
  16. so you just take it out and let it sit on the table.

    teacher referring to my penis.
  17. "what out, its very slippery down there!" (washer flooded the basement)

    i then yelled from the top floor...
    "Thats what she said!"

    the died was my bf's mom
  18. "It may look a little gross, but just close your eyes and slurp it."

    Waiter referring to eating raw oysters at a local restaurant. I think the waiter said it to see if anyone would pick up on it. Needless to say, half the bar did.
  19. On an airplane with my brother, he looks at the engine and says "how does that thing not touch the ground"
    ...thats what she said.

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