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The best system of making homemade bongs airtight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. What is the BEST possible solution for making bottles airtight on homemade bongs. I do not make them as frequently anymore, maybe only to add onto a glass piece. But for making any sort of attachment to the bottle, what could be used to make any attachments airtight? I heard gorilla glue could work, when I use tape it does not work great...
  2. Hot glue or chewing gum, maybe? Though the latter might be kinda gross if smoking with others :p.
  3. Keep the lighter on one spot on the bottle until a the plastic starts melting through. Push the piece into the hole, making sure that the hole doesn't get to big. Push the piece so its sticking out at a 45 degree angle upwards, and fill her up!
  4. gum is the best
  5. chewing gum or tape are good.
  6. I used to make homemades when i was 14 lol but there still fun to make....but to answer your question hot glue is definitely the best to use. IMO :smoke:
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  8. Get a bottle and a piece of hose burn a hole a little bit smaller than the width of the hose in the bottle push it through voila air tight
  9. Just burn a hole smaller than the piece you're putting in.
  10. yeahh pencil grips work great!

  11. The BEST solution.

    Don't make one
  12. I use thread tape, otherwise known as plumber's tape or teflon tape
  13. I used to use hot glue when I made them
  14. silly putty or play dough... best option
  15. ... does anyone on this forum know what blu tack is?
  16. [quote name='"budgloriousbud"']... does anyone on this forum know what blu tack is?[/quote]

    Never heard of it, why
  17. Has anyone heard of/seen the commercial for "Flex Seal"? I think this would be the ultimate tool for making any bong airtight or anything for that matter? It could even be used to completely coonceal a large bag of weed to keep the smell in if you had large amounts for storage......I once had to store a few pounds for a long time...I put it all in a big bag, completely covered it in flex seal and burried it....dug it up months later, cut it open and not even a drop of moisture got in, the perfect product, could easily be sprayed to fill cracks and make airtight on a bong.

  18. Flex Seal...Liquid Rubber in a to a flame? thats got cancer written all over it.

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