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  1. Hey all,

    So, I made this closet...

    1.5 ft w x 3 ft l x 5.5 ft h
    400 w cool tubed hps
    4" vortex fan-carbon scrubber-htg 12" duct muffler

    Pretty nice set up. I put a picture on there. Right now, running a 6 bucket DWC with a 30 gal res. Not sure if I'll do it again, since I think root rot is f-ing me, and because 30 gal is so much (derrrrr) making res changing a beeyotch.

    What would be a good set up for this space? The only real problem is I put the door on a 1.5 ft side, so its harder to get to the back parts (derrr), which is why DWC was nice so it was easy to water everything, and why soil might be hard!

    I could always TRY to change it to make the door on the big side, but of course I used OSB instead of opting for particle board to save some $$$. Worst decision. First cabinet build/first grow though, so no high expectations I guess, stuff doesn't grow itself

    Anyways! any advice is appreciated :)
  2. pictures...

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  3. I'd like to see your buckets and the system running, but it appears you've found the flaws in your grow setup
  4. yeah, i was just wondering if you/anyone knew of any easily tended system you could leave alone for awhile, and isn't hard.

    if not i'll probably just do a dwc again, just this time with a more easily tended system.
  5. how long is a while "bob"... we need specifics, be specific "bob"

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