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  1. I'm going to be starting my own 400w hydro/scrog closet grow soon, but I still need to decide on what strain to grow. I was thinking AK-47 or some type of White Widow.

    In your experience what is the absolute best strain you have grown, as far as taste, smell, appearence, and high most importantly. Provide a link to where I could get my hands on some seeds if possible :D.
  2. I never grown any of those strains but smoked both of them both grown hydroponically and the AK-47 was the winner like a Magnum to the back of the head and a shotgun to the chest they both lacked charcater but the AK-47 was better
  3. I grow white widow origional right now. It is among the best.
    white widow from nirvana
    ak47 from serious
    kali mist from serious
    ice from nirvana
    shiva skunk from sensi
    peak 19 from sagarmatha
    bubblegum #1 from serious
  4. Nice man, white widow from nirvana, ak47 from serious, and kali mist from serious were my first 3 choices. I think I'll probably go with a pack of white widow and a pack of either one of the serious seeds strains for my first grow. Going to wait for more input though.

    +rep for your name btw, I would have picked that one up if I had thought of it.
  5. Thanks bro. Also if you like a trippy high, you should try peak19 bro. Not really great returns on yield but superb high.later
  6. Easiest, great yield and buzz that will keep you on the couch, go with Purple Tops.
  7. What kind of high do you like? Indica and sativa typically have different concentrations of the various "active ingredients" that have different effects.
  8. ummm.. I've done Trainwreck, NYdeisel, Lavender, white widow, blueberry, mk-ultra, skunk#1, and sensi star, I'd say that Lavender and mk-ultra is at the top, trainwreck, whitewidow, blueberry, and skunk #1 and sensi star trail them closely.. But YA.. I'd say Lavender.. Alot bro, of this matter, has to do with personal preference.. but most people I know Died over the lavender, I am pretty much going on other people's interest when I am giving this oppinion of mine.. To be honest with you, people were'nt thrilled with the white widow.. It should have cured a wee bit more, but I like strains that come off the plant, dry, and are immediately the greatest smoke ever.. curing them only makes it the best ever smoke in the world ever.. :) Lavender packs that ... of course.. I have allways gotten my strains from clubs that have probly cloned out a few generations... and then so did I.. so genetics were probly tired, maybe the lavender(from a buddy) was just closer to the seed moma and had more vigor becuase of that.. either way.. Good luck! That hydro idea is going to prove to be the best thing you ever did! :)
  9. The trippier the high, the more I like it. I'm not a very social person when I smoke, I love chilling out listening to music, watching movies/TV with a couple friends, or just wandering around the woods with my dog.

    The high is very important to me, but yield is a big factor as I'm sharing this grow with my two roomates. Also I would like a strain that will help me recoup some of my expenses, and allow me to invest in some better growing equipment for future grows, ya dig?

    Are all of these strains mentioned above avaliable through online seedbanks?
  10. Thanks for the link and as promised via pm, here are some bud shots.

    Mind you, this is outdoors not indoors.

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  11. Last one close up of top of one of the buds

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  12. DierWolf, it's been said before, but you are an unbelievably good grower. You have a lot of rep, but here's some +Rep for kicking ass...
  13. I had alot more rep :) somehow it keeps going down :) guess thats what happens when your the underdog ;)
  14. Uhhh...whatcha mean by that?

    No talk of selling here, this is a wholesome site for discussing an illegal hobby.
  15. Who said anything about selling? ;)
  16. I asked a question: what do you mean by recouping expenses?
  17. I think what he means is a strain that will be FAT, yet heady, he's spent alot.. he's trying to recoup the $$ by having more bomb dank when he's done.. I think...
  18. No worries here. The wording struck me as peculiar, and that why I put it as a question. Thanks.
  19. Indeed, if the $ value of the amount of bud you end up with after first harvest exceeds the $ value you spent on growing, then it's good times for sure. :D
  20. I purchased some white widow from nirvana, and got a free pack of durban poison x skunk1 from skunkmans seeds. I had much more fun growing the dp x skunk. The colors of the bud was awesome, and made for nice bag appeal, and the smoke was mind racing at first, but then mellows a bit into a nice long high. This bud brought back the head rushes from when i first started smoking.. It gave me that black and white checkerboard effect LMAO.. you know what I'm talking bout right?? The flavor was very sweet, and the flavor alone made it a joy to smoke, and smoke.. The widow was nice but my 10 pack from nirvana was severly male heavy, so I didn't grow out a prize fem or anything..

    The dp x skunk took to pruning very well, and for a sativa dominate cross it stayed short, and bushy (skunk genes went a long way in making this plant possible to grow indoor really well).. I just fimmed the top about at the 3rd or 4th node, and she bursted with side growth that caught up to the now 4 new tops. She grew very strong, and the stone/smell/taste was very good.

    durban poison x skunk was Not bad at all for a freebie pack. If we all knew how each strain grew before we purhased it there would be lots of good no name strains in our gardens. For all you growers.. Next time around try something new, and different, and report back. I know there are lots of strains I'd never try cause I don't like how the description reads. many long flowering sativas I shy away from, but I know the smoke must be awesome. from now on in each order I'll order something new, and different.. On deck I have northern lights, hashberry, ICE, and ak-48. Thge hashberry was my something different this time around.. (Hashberry from Mandala seeds)

    pics are from early flowering


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