The best stealth lighting system? ... PL FTW!

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  1. Go to and look up 4-pin CFLs.

    The fulham ballasts will run multiple lamps. Look in the CFL Ballasts section.

    For the sockets you'll have to phone in your order as they don't have them listed on their website. (Why, I have NO Idea)
    It's ite# SOCK-EG36070

    They don't carry the 2700 Very Warm White bulbs so I went with the 3000K ones.

    I'll be running 4 55w lamps off of one fulham workhorse 8 ballast. (Everything including the sockets was less than $110 shipped)

    Sure wish I'd found this post back when it was posted. I've been looking for this information for a LONG time LOL!

  2. First, there are plenty of folks that use these to grow with but I only read english so I'm kinda stuck. :)

    Second, ya have to wire up a socket and a ballast. Most folks looking to use CFLs are stuck on how easy it is to mount a socket and screw in the bulb.

    Third, I just don't see them being SOLD in the states that much. You have to go online or to a specialty photography or aquarium shop to get them.

    I'm working on spreading the news about them as they're WAAAAy more efficient for growing than the dang coiled tube thingies most people are using these days.

    I'll just have to post results when I'm done :)
  3. 5 stars on this one....what a great read.

    Gonna have to look at these for my next grow.
  4. I would recommend the Workhorse 8 as you're only spending a few more dollars and you can wire up to 220w.

    As for the 42 watt lamp, if the 5000K is the highest it goes, grab it. I'd imagine you'd get better growth rates with 5600K to 6500K range lamps. You're looking for as close to 2200K for flower as possible. Right now that's 2700K and 3000K. (Couldn't find a local U.S. distrib that carries the Very Warm White 2700K 55w bulbs so I went with the 3000K)

    I've seen the results from the 3000K and I'm definitely going to be happy with the results.

    Remember that these lamps are more efficient then the coiled ones so when you're doing estimates of how many lumens you'll need, remember that all the general information on lumen maximums and minimums is based on coiled and so the numbers YOU need will be lower than that.
  5. It will work just great.

    You'll have to call them for the TG11 sockets. They're $1.97 each.
    They also suck and you'll have to use thin wire or something to hold up the other end of the lamp. (Looking for better sockets soon)

    You'll also have to phone in your order as they don't have the TG11 Base Sockets on their website.

    I have a Fulham Workhorse 8 running 4 55w lamps. It's the same thing for you. Make sure you don't use a jumper wire as it's not necessary.

    You can quickly find a wiring diagram by going to the fulham website and looking up your ballast. On the right hand side of the page are a couple of drop down menus that allow you to select the type of wiring you're doing.

    Choose the T5HO and Linear lamps that approximate your wattage. (You'll see when you get there)

    That will bring up a wiring diagram for you to look at. Quite simple.
    Don't forget you DON'T need a jumper wire. :)
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    I hooked up 2 55w PL tubes to a workhorse4. DAMN bright. Fantastic guide.:p

  7. Has anyone found a source for the sockets online yet? Or is phoning in the order still the only option available?
  8. Check aquarium supply houses. They should have waterproof sockets. They're not the el-cheapo's but I hear they also have the plastic clips for the other end of the lamps. :)
  9. Lol, I feel retarded now. I just googled "gx24q-4 socket" and got a ton of results. That's what I get for not sleeping in 24 hours!
  10. Those don't look like TG11 sockets. Unless you're working with different lamps than the 55w PL-L lamps, those are the wrong sockets.
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    Actually I was looking at the 42watt t5s. Again, I hadn't slept in a while lol :p

    But I think I'm going to go a different route anyway, I was only interested for space reasons, I'm going to try to setup a grow tent to hold a mother and 6 plants, with a few clones. I'm running into space issues so I was considering building a rack and stacking them, but I think I found a solution in a longer width wise but shorter hiegth wise grow tent. It's just going to be a vegging box, so I don't really need the head room the flowering tent will need.

    But, if you know what the name is off the sockets for the 55w PL's is, could you post it? You never know when those little bits of info can become useful!
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    No name, it's just a socket for lamps that have a 2G11 base. I'm still looking for higher quality sockets from an online source. Haven't found anything yet.
  13. These are the most common lighting systems now in much of Asia, where I am. I have a 3x3 room, with 4 PL 55watters. Came in a housing made for 3 lights, but they are spaced a little too much, so added a 4th, and have room for one more in the housing. It's really really bright.

    Strangely, I am having big problems finding soil/ferts that won't kills my germinated sprouts. Once I sort that out, I'll let the board know. I can't read the local language, and it's making things hard, it's just trial and error for the soil, but I'm experimenting on tomatoes and other plants to test the soil, and I only have a few worthwhile beaners left.

    Anyone know which plants take the most similar soil/nutes to mj?
  14. Any plant known as a 'Light Feeder' will probably be a great canary for the soils there.
  15. Google was my friend, light feeders = beans, peas. I'll get those tomorrow, see how they sprout. Everything goes OK with the soil, I'll make a journal of this PL system grow. Thanks.
  16. I have just registered for two reasons. Firstly what a great post and thanks for all the time you put into it.

    secondly, i can contribute something. About the difficult to find TG11 sockets, they are not necessary and can easily be improvised with some plastic connector strip.

    Take a look here

    or google diy pl lights. That will cost you practically nothing and its more sturdy especially as you can mount the plastic strip to the reflector or wall with a screw or nut and bolt.

    please take care...
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    Try googling 2G11 sockets. I've been copying a typo of mine for months. :(

    Next thing you know I'll be typing alot all the time instead of alittle.

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