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The Best Smoking Experience You've Had

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Budding, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. My best smoking experience took place in a huge open field. In this location you could see the road and everything but no one could see you. So me and 2 friends went out and decided to go camp at that spot at night. We brought 1/4th of some amazing papaya and just listened to music, smoked, and ate snacks all night. That experience made me fall in love with weed.

    What is your best smoking experience?
  2. when i accidently made out with my dog on the couch thinking it was my girlfriend
  3. This may not sound too interesting or too astonishing, but it was definitely the 'kick' to my smoking career.

    I had only smoked two or three times before this. After I smoked the herb for the first time, I immediately went to one of my best friends to tell him. After talking to him about weed, I came out of the conversation finding out that he was a huge pothead. This, I never knew. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited about this. Then, I came to find out that he deals weed, as well. So, what do I do? I immediately scheduled our first smoking sesh.
    My mom was in Mexico for a week, so this was definitely my week to get FUCKED UP. So, I go over to his house and end up staying there for four nights straight.
    The first amazing high I ever encountered was the first night of our journey. We smoked three blunts between three of us, the other being another close friend of ours. We had a little puff puff pass circle going on. I don't remember much, but I do remember thinking I was going to die while I was out on his lawn smoking right under his parents bedroom that was on the second story. I lied there for what seemed to be eternity, praying to God to let me live, and crying to them, begging them not tell me mom, and make sure my mom knows I love her. I then recouped, went on a Taco Bell run, came back, watched Venture Brothers on Adult Swim, and chillaxed.
    That was the beginning of my love for marijuana. God bless America.

    Oh, two weeks later my mom found out about this whole ordeal, and that was the start of a bad summer and beginning to the school year. I then got busted at school for weed in my car. I got 10 days OSS and probation. I'm glad it happened, though. I needed a wake up call. I've never been caught since. High highs to all!:bongin:
  4. I love it everytime, BUT Id have to say the best for me was last year. I had surgery and was feeling pretty terrible. Couldnt get up and around. A friend mailed me a joint and I smoked it in the afternoon. Man...I felt better! I was up sweeping and even had sex that day. This would never have happened so soon after surgery without it! I fell in love allllll over again. I think my fiance fell in love with it then too, Even though he doesnt smoke hehe!

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