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The Best Root Boosters

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by knowboddy, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. I'd like to get peoples' input specifically on root boosters like Voodoo Juice by Advanced Nutrients (my favorite).

    I've seen a lot of discussion about a lot of things, but not much specifically about products designed to maximize the health/growth of roots. I'm thinking of tweaking my current nutrient program a little and I wanted to hear what others have to say about root boosters that they like.

    That's about it. What's your favorite root booster, why, and if you've used more than one how did they compare?
  2. I was interested in Voodoo juice - i've used rhizotonic on a pretty successful grow (4 lowryder x ak47's, 3 of which came in over 2 ounces each) - but it's hard to say whether it was down to the rhizotonic. I was given a bottle of it by a guru grower who swore by it. I think voodoo juice may be the same (seaweed, kelp etc).

    I gave rhizo during the entire cycle - from droplets onto a rockwool cube when they were germinating, right up to 1 week before harvest - i was giving them 3ml per litre of water. It stinks like liquid crab.
  3. So would that be good for cloning aswell, the VooDoo juice..??? for an aeroponic set-up??? I am making or have made an aeroponic 40 site cloner and want any nutes that will speed up my roots growth..

    thx, Mr.Tangent
  4. i think the rhizo is specifically designed for healthy root growth especially during periods of stress, such as cloning, transplant, recovering from ill health etc. Not sure if it will necessarily speed up root growth, but will give them the strength of popeye.
  5. Nice thx man...
  6. Forget that voodoo juice this stuff I'm bout 2 tell u about cost less than 10 bucks a bottle on ebay and its 100% organic made by hippies in the ozark mtns in arkansas...
    Its called BMO (blue mountain organics) Super plant tonic...

    Its filled with mychorizzae fungi,earth worm castings, molasses, crushed coral I think and other trace minerals...

    Let me tell u I added this stuff to my current grow and they took off about 3 days after initial use and if I had a good enuf camera I wud show u some serious root porn!

    Check it out well worth the money and the guy even throws in free stuff somtimes he gave me a free bag of bat guano with my order...
  7. Voodoo is awesome. I've used it in cloning, weak solution, and it did help a bit but I just stick with their Clone-It now. Or rather, the Juicy Roots stuff they just came out with. That stuff is really cool.
  8. theres really no reason to put anything in a aerocloner except a couple of drops of superthrive...but hell half the time I forget and either way I have a root system in about 5-10days
  9. i just finished cloning my 2blueberry clones. and 2 blue cheese and 2 atomic haze...these ones are being cloned to find out sex of the plants......

    just put them in the cloner. water is a 5.3 ph and 18.4c. dipped in juicy roots before put in cloner. will be sprayed them with jumpstart once a day.
  10. Rhizotonic , kelp/fish mixture seems to do a fantastic job building a strong root system. Plus it's organic :)
  11. I just posted The Secrets of the Propogator Revealed...
  12. If you really want to see some massive root growth try stacking Voodoo Juice with Piranha and Tarantula. Those three together are freakin insane

  13. Got any pics of this product in use (ie. clone roots etc.) or some more specific info. on the results achieved?
  14. I know several people who are using it ATM. I'll see if they can get one of them to take photos of the root zone (mind you it doesn't prove nothing since theres no way to prove that SoilBuilder was used).

    The last person I talked to that used this product said the roots got so big they were sticking out of the dirst and his plants became root bound way faster then normal. He said he wasn't expecting to have to transplant so fast.
  15. Rhizotonic works very well
  16. Pirahna... Best hands down.

    It is all natural, composed of fungic acids. When you water your plants with it, the beneficial fungi will attach onto the roots, supplying it with plenty of vitamins. It's supposed to be used in the EARLY stages, like seedling and vegetative stages.
  17. LMFAO.

    Yeah, Voodoo has nothing on that. Unless you count the whole "clogging up your hoses" thing.

    "Buy my product! It'll totally kick Voodoo's ass. Unless of course you want your plants to be alive instead of dead because your system's completely gunked up."

    Anyone else suspect this guys bank account gets fatter anytime someone clicks that link?
  18. #19 grass69, Feb 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2009
    Why don't you try it. Then I'll see if I got some fed extra cents in my bank account.

    Its a commercial product. And yes it does rock on Voodoo (Oh I'm sorry did I say something neg about an AN product and it couldn't possibly be a better product then VooDoo, righiiiit)

    Thats if you're using in in a full water garden. It'll clog up hoses as it grows so fast. Any bacterial/fungal product will clog up water delivery pipes if its strong enough. Try half of a GH Subculture packet in a 5 gal pail. Give it a few days with the air pump running and see the crazy slime build up. Leave rooted plant in there and see it as it dies because the beneficials are blocking water up take by the roots.
  19. Product A: Usable in soil only, will kill anything you try to use it on in hydroponics.

    Product B: Works great in soil OR hydro.

    Yes, clearly the one with limited applications is superior. :confused_2:

    Call me nuts but I think a product designed for any garden and refined well enough that it doesn't create a runaway growth of crud sounds a hell of a lot more appealing.

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