The BEST portable vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by mumbojumbo, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So I want THE best. I prefer battery over gas....unless a good argument could be made.

    I have a SSV and it is my home use...but id like something for on the go.

    I have seen this new one called a blunt stick or something?

    Annndddd shoot!
  2. Arizer solo. Look no further than the solo.
  3. Correct answer has already been made. I have nothing more to say.
  4. arizer of mflb, I do have to say that the arizer is more obvious than the mflb in the discrete aspect. If your into concentrates, I also have a omicron that I prefer because I can always just say its a e cig and no one can say or smell the difference.
  5. I also have an SSV and use that bitch every single day..The best portable that I've ever used and DO own is the No2..It completely served the purposed I needed it for and though I don't use it unless I'm on trips its still a handy vape.
  6. thats exactly my boat. I dont need it i want this. Use my ssv daily at home but want something for on the go.

    Thanks a ton guys
  7. I'm in the same boat as you. I own and love my Silver Surfer, it's my only vape but it's incredible.

    The portable I've heard and seen the best things about is easily the Arizer Solo, as others have mentioned. It seems supreme in pretty much every single category you could want, except that maybe something like the MFLB may fit in your pocket a bit more discreetly, but both are extremely portable.
  8. The Arizer Solo all day, every day. Beats the pants off of a mflb or any other portable.
  9. The Omicron is probably the best choice if you have access to concentrates. :) I have one and it's easily one of my best purchases.
  10. have you guys heard of the vap blunt? Or something?

    It looks quite good but im skeptical
  11. Check out the ThermoVape. Lots of good reviews on this one.

    Not perfect, but then again nothing ever really is.

    Based on reviews the pros and cons are:

    Pricey, needs lots of battery swapping, and it has a learning curve.
    Very stealthy and packs a real punch.
    Short heat up time.
    Can be completely disassembled, soaked in ISO or boiled to achieve a totally "clean" device (think travel etc...).
  12. G pen - for wax!
  13. [quote name='"SurfWaxAmerica"']G pen - for wax![/quote]

    Hell ya I want one so bad
  14. Got the Persei yesterday and that thing hits you like a mac truck
  15. Vapor Blunt?

    Someone said it's a lot bigger than it looks in the picture... Said it was actually over 2 feet long... but that's about all I've heard.

  16. I've got a KIA and had a SSV and the Arizer Solo is a match for either of them. My KIA whip's hose fits in a Arizer Solo stem and I started using it with the Solo until I realized how lazy it must look to have a whip on a portable vap... :rolleyes:

    I'll pack up a couple stems and vap away. It's a portable vap, but unlike other portable vaps, the portability is just an extra.

  17. Thanks a ton guys.

    KIA looks quite good. Never heard of that one prior to now. May have to get one as well lol :D


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