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Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. What's up everyone... I just wanted to start a thread where we can just say our best places we would, or love to smoke at...

    For me, I wanna get fucking high as hell and just go to the Natural Science Museum here in Houston, and just chill in the Imax whatching those huge ass movies!!! Shits fucking great! And to the fucking zoo too!!! Man just chilling in the fish excuse me people, but I'm jsut higih...:smoking:
  2. imax is awesome. especially the nature ones, those are insane.
  3. Good call on the imax!

    I think there's a pretty similar thread to this one...can't find it right now tho cus the search button won't work for me! I think it was called "dream place to smoke" or something like that.

    edit---yup, here it is
  4. no one wants to see that old thread though!

    I wanna smoke up on this sweet rock ledge thinger.

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  5. That would be a pretty chill spot to smoke a blunt.
  6. yea totally man.

    I would bring like a carpet to lay on and some sweet food and drinks.

    like a sandwitch!
  7. My favorite place would be at the parents house on there sundeck in the Hollywood Hills. Breath taking views.

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  8. Wow, BudGirl, what do your parents do for the kind of cash to live in the Hollywood Hills?
  9. My Dad bought when it was cheap, 1970. He is a retired Air Force Captain, and a retired mailman. He has always been good with money. Good thing, I have to borrow from him alot.LOL!
  10. A little brush with fame for you, Our house was across the street from Frank Zappas house. I was to young to remember, but my parents said he was a pleasent neighbor. The house he lived in burnt, its not there anymore.Just 6 houses down from us on Wonderland, John Holmes (porn star) killed 4 people there in 1981. I remember there was always alot of people there partying and loud music, after the muders I remeber me and my mom driving by the house and there were bloody matresses on the street for the garbage. It still gives me the creeps when I drive by that house. Check out the movie Wonderland.....scary!

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  11. Goodbye Hollywood. Ive been here for 3 weeks, but im ready to go back to Daytona
  12. I would like to be on some beach in Hawaii i think. Those are some of the best beaches i have ever seen. Maybe a nice private island while i am wishing :smoke: and have my own little house in a real tropical setting.

    realistically though, i am just fine with sitting in the basement on the couch with a few good buddies or out back by the firepit chillin, smokin some bowls

    ADD: daytona is a nice place to chill at too. My grandma has a condo down there(well actually it is in Port Orange, which is about 20 miles away) and it is real fuckin nice to chill there. Maybe that is where i will take my summer vacation too. Only thing that sucks is sometimes there are BIG ass lizards that get inside. But i cannot complain too much because those same lizards eat the fire ants and other bugs that may come in the house :D
  13. i would love to smoke on top of the empire state building or the wtc towers if they were still standing. Somewhere really high and overlooking something beautiful:smoke:
  14. The one pace that i would want to smoke is at a chinese buffet. OMG that would be the best place ever. You smoke a j and grab a plate of lo main. But all i would really want is a place where there is no one around were me and my friends can chill w/o worring bout anybody catching us. Thats all i really need
  15. everywhere.

    but i like smoking in my backyard best, it used to be real nice scenery (sp?) but now its all kinda dead but i got a nice pond and a hole. the hole is going to be an addition to the pond, and it's been raining heavy so there is tarp above it so it doesn't fill so i've been laying in a dirt hole with a candle boxing that lately

  16. lol, thats awesome.

    I love smoking up outside when it rains. only a lite rain tho, nothing crazy or it gets hard to light up.
  17. i live in west michigan so were next lake michigan and this is an awesome spot on a bluff over looking lake michigan and only like 15 min walk to get to it too[​IMG]
  18. I love to smoke out back. I got a hamok out there, and just chill in there and smoke.

    But I want to smoke in a movie theater. That would be the fucking shit.

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