The Best Picture Ive Ever Took

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Jul 21, 2007.

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  2. Not bad, how many weeks into flowering is it?
  3. it was proably about 4 wks. there,,, its a old pic. out of my gallery i posted in another thread,,,

    to see her sisters look at my gallery....
  4. im thinking of making that pic. my homepage when i get off paper,,,

    wouldnt that be a site for thep.o.,,,, to come in my house and see,,,
  5. im gonna steal one of thos colas :devious::D oh btw thats a sick ass picture
  6. no doubt,,, i have many like it in my old grow forum.... but due to sig. rules i cant have both,,,

    so the forum is hid forever,,,,,,its in my user cp,,,, but not on the board,,,,

    i could bump it for you if youd like.
  7. haha nice dawg, even tho im black i still think the confederate flag has one of da best designs...
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ you know dude.... im glad to hear that,,,,, i mean the past is behind us right?

    i myself like the jappenese battleflag, and the old russian hammer and sickle....

    peace to you my friend...
  9. Is there an animal like an owl swooping on your crop?
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ exactly dude its a owl,,,,, look in my gallery and youll see a tighter version of this picture,,,,

    the owl is taken out of this pic.
  11. nice bud dude
  12. Tight ass pic, chicken. I love the owl, and the bud! :hello:
  13. [​IMG] theres you a sweet ass picture of the owl,,,,,,, and my bud,,,,,if you want to see the whole grow journal ,,,, just click on the top picture,,, its linked.
  14. Haha that's a trippy ass picture with the owl. Cool as hell.
  15. [​IMG] oh dont you wish you visited me regularly,,,,, and shared some of this bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Chicken - You are Hiliarious....That owl is cool as fuck though....There arent many of the around here anymore.
  17. you gotta get out in the country my friend..... 5 wks. ago at dusk i had one in my backyard,,, i never seen him but oh i heard him,,,,

    raising hell in a tree,,,, i didnt want to go look for him thinking he may fly away,,,,,,, but he sounded so sweet,,,,,
  18. heres a good picture of my stuffed owl,,,, the snake he has under his claws is stuffed also...


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