The best pen for oil/wax AND Dry herbs?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Perrocaliente69, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Hello community, Im a new member here on this fantastic website and im looking for some insight on vaporizer pens. I recently tried my friends eureka vape pen which is used for oils and I fell in love with the idea of mobile vaping. Ive tried doing research on different pens but there are so many different ones and mixed opinions that its confuses me on which one to get....I want to know what you guys think would be best for someone who wants to just dab on the go? Maybe one that is less than 80 dollars would be preferred. Thanks in advance!

  2. Did you ever find a good one? I'm on the same boat and don't know which one to get ?!
  3. Try the vaped titan, it's a pen that does herb and concentrates or try the new snoop dogg herb g pen, g pen makes a herb attatchment for their pens aswell, iv been looking for one myself

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  4. There is no vape pen on the market that does flowers well.
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    unfortunately, from our experience, there is no pen that does both well. We always recommend our Dr. Dabber Ghost pen for concentrates
    What about the T-vape? What about the Inhalater? Those two vapes are good at flowers. What about the Cera? (I don't like the Cera as it gets WAY too hot on the outside, but the vape quality and quantity is good).
    The T-vape is cheaper than the Pax.
  8. Dude just buy an Ego C Twist battery and buy eureka cartridges from dispensarys. The battery was $29 or you could a smaller Ego battery for less and Eureka cartridges are usually $50-60. It works awsome and their oils are potent Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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