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the best part about going home to visting your parents

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by water filter, May 31, 2006.

  1. so i now live in jerusalem for the past year, and im going back to vist my parents for the next week. the stuff here sucks (all shwagg and hash...I HATE HASH!!!) but ooo man, gonna go home, smoke with some old friends of mine with some good good bud, and just get stoned. the last time i smoked kind bud was when i was in amsterdam in late april...o man!
  2. i think visiting the parents is the home cooked meals :yummy:

    but to each their own :smoke:
  3. You know, I've heard israel is basically all hash, that kind of sucks... but yeah, you're not the first person I've heard with this complaint. I really want to visit Israel, good thing it will be more of a trip where I'd probably want to be sober. hah

    but yeah, have fun when you get back home, whereabouts is home for ya?
  4. What's wrong with hash?

    I love hash. I have a source which has this very very spicy and aromatic afghani hash. Huge body buzz. I think it's moroccan grown though, so not the "real" thing.

    Mix it with some shake, roll a joint and i'm smilin :smoking: It's so stretchy and great to roll with. As much as you can roll with hash and not make a huge fucking mess.

  5. Absolutley. Cant ever beat your moms cooking. :p I love going back to see my parents, good times, and the good smoke... :devious:
  6. I guess the hash is pretty low grade out there in israel cause I absolutely love the stuff. There is nothing better than some full melt green crack hash it will put you on your ass, but anyways hope you smoke some good stuff when you come back home

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