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The best of the five strians

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Many ?'s, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. i was just wondering for those of u who have tried these types if u could give me your opinion on which 1's u think r the best and which 1's were enjoyable ect.
    Northern Lights
    Cinderella 88/99
    Dutch Dragon
    White Widow
  2. I have only tried northern lights, but this what I think based on what i heard bout these strains:

    1.White Widow
    3.Northern Lights
    4.Dutch Dragon
    5.Cinderella 88/99
  3. I don't know much about dutch dragon, but a lot of people label c99 as their fav... Northern Lights are a favorite of mine for sure, never tried bubblegum. White widow is amazing, but i think its moreso overrated just because its so widely known.

  4. true, good point never understood why a lot of ppl know white widow even non-smokers talk bout it likes it the best strain you could get, when i 1st started smoking, yea it is a bit overated, still would like to try it one of these days.
  5. im vapeing some white widow right now and im ripped and only on 2nd bag. iv had NL and BG, id have to say i like the widow best tho.
  6. The thing is... theres sooo many variables... From the smoker to the grower, its just too damn hard to tell. :(
  7. ive only smoked northern lights and white widow, but i've seen some pictures of dutch dragon and that strain looks fuckin INSANE
  8. Honistly I wouldn't purchase any seeds other than the Bubblegum (Orignal BG?) and C99. The others have potential but I'm not too fond of the genetics. Plus a C99xBG is always nice.
  9. talk about narrow minded
  10. No, they're just old. Theres also so many people who offer NL and WW seeds, most have huge variation from the originals. As I said though, all seeds have potential. I'd rather get my feet wet and experiment with the wonderful genetics new seed companies are throwing out. Such as Resivoir, Breeders Choice, or Mandala. Sorry if my 'out with the old' mentality doesn't suit you when I'm going to be testing out my landraces and real hindu strains.
  11. 1. Blueberry grown in TX with BC genetics.
    2. Strawberry Cough
    3. Purple Power
    4. BC Mango
    5. White Widow
  12. I smoke mostly cinderella and Northern Lights here. The cinderella always seems more dense and has a different high. I dont think there really is a best strain for everyone in general though. Different people like different things
  13. being the most sativa dominant, i'd say C99 which i've yet to try. all of my research has told me that it's the most practical indoor substitute for the trippy thai i've missed for over 20 years and is alot stealthier than it's more popular siblings jack herer and especially super silver haze. i have some C99 splash beans myself. (C99 with a little bit of extra trippy pure sativa lien huanh)

    i also have some nirvana bubblicious for the flavor and because i've read some phenos have slight sativa leanings.

    i have no interest in those other 3 indica dominants. i hate indicas.
  14. Deff NL, such a good high, its amazing.
  15. I found northern lights to be quite delicious :smoking:

    I'd love to get my grubby little mits on some widow :rolleyes:

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