The best nutrients/chemicals for flowering?

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  1. Hello everyone, i want to know when my babies starts flowering (i hope so) what is the best (good) nutrient/chemical which i must use to keep the flowering stronger and stronger. Is it actually necessary or i just gotta leave themselfs to make budz? Any advices/hints are welcome i want some good results. Oh almost forgot, when i grow outdoor is it good to cut off the tops of tha plant to make more production or no? Sorry about the noobish questions. :eek:
  2. All these basic questions are very well covered in the stickies.

  3. OK, but i have problems with translation and can't understand those organic methods :( so what's this BAT GUANO or LIQUID BAT GUANO and BONE MEAL (just bones from different kinds of meat: firsh, beef, porks & etc ?!?!). Also can you be more specific about your methods. Thank you in advance.
  4. A fert for tomatoes will be great for flowering MJ. It will have high P and K.

  5. What do you mean with "FERT" (fertilize ?!?!)... :eek:
  6. Fertiliser. Go to a garden centre, you will see them for sale.

  7. Thank you very much, actually can u pre-fert them or more fert = better?

  8. just read the stickies as cantharis said. read about the elements that mj thrive for in certain periods of their life cycle, than find some fertilizers that meet these needed elements. N-P-K. so for an example, mj loves N when vegging. you get a product such as 5-1-1 than you will be feeding more N than P or K.
    get it:rolleyes:? the stickies will help a bunch. trust me. and if you dont know what these organic nutes are like the guano, just google. guana is shit by the way:cool:. good luck:wave:
  9. i think he was talking about fertographors, they work great on tomatos. Just dont use a flash
  10. Noooooooo, you dont want to add a flowering fertilizer during vegatation stage, when your plant starts to bud ( around mid july) Then you add the FLOWERING fertilizer.

    And once again NOOOOOOOOOOO, dont add extra nutes, thats one of the biggest new grower mistakes. Only use as recommended, but start off with 1/4 strength so it doesnt shock the plant, then next time you use nutes use 1/3 strength, then 1/2 then 3/4, then full. Oh and dont use nutrients every watering, every other watering is good.

  11. well i mean you technically could use flowering fertz in the veg stage but only mild dosage. for example. you could use a veg fert through most of vegging and than when flowering is approaching, steadily mild your vegging fert and start to add the flowering ferts. one of the stickies has an example of feeding 3/4 strenght veg fert WITH a 1/4 strength flower fert for vegging. than flowering use 3/4 flower fert with a 1/4 strength vegging fert.

    so to answer your question, yes you can feed 2 types of ferts for what ever period your plant is in. just use a mild solution as fortys said
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    You should water-water-fert-water-water-fert etc...
    I think OldPork explained he used a bit of flowering ferts in veg and vice versa. If not I should have it changed in the sticky. The general rule is veg ferts in veg and flow ferts in flowering.

    But you can use one main fert all along (like Cantharis uses comfrey all along -it has N (for veg esp.) and K (for both) so can be used in both. And Oldpork uses fish emulsions (N and P) esp. in veg. then mostly high P bat guano as topping (spread on sides of holes to not burn plant close to the stem) and with a little fish emulsion in flowering too.

    Veg ferts are more acidic and flowering ferts more base but outsides pH shouldn't be a problem if the area isn't too acidic/base and you added (if nec.) dolomite or sulfur (for high phs) and castings/manures/meals. This pH difference between the 2 types of ferts (although they can coincide as for comfrey for ex) can explain why you could give a little of the contrary.

    However, 2 weeks before flowering (mid July approx. in Northern hem.), give one last veg and then WAIT until the buds show BEFORE you add "flowering ferts" (beg. Aug.)

    And yes you can kill your plants with organic nutes in excess. Careful! OP reads and knows the look of his plants when they've had enough or need more. ;)
  13. Not quite right - I alternate the comfrey fert with BioCanna - the two seem to go very well together.

  14. Aah ok Cantharis, so you don't use the comfrey in flowering at all? I thought the plant needed some K in flowering as well? Do you just use flowering biocanna in flowering and no comfrey then?
  15. Huh, or better i leave the nature do the job...:D
    Simple natural...

  16. not unless you want full potential.
  17. Yeah, i'll use some organic nuts, and hope everything will be fine.
  18. I recommend blue mountain organics, they have an ebay store. i have recently been using their plant tonic and it works very well from what i can tell after about 3 days (lol). all i have heard is good things from them so give it a shot
  19. organic nutes are much better than chemical nutes, supposedly chemical nutes make the bud taste different too, but Ive never noticed a difference

  20. thanks a lot, i'll try their bloom organics (bat guano) :hello:

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