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  1. Right last week I went on study leave. SO... We decided (me and my friends) to have a little party.. I got to my friends at around 4 and drank a couple of beers. We had a great big bbq followed by MUUUUUUUUCH beer. Then we stumbled down to the other end of the local woods (he lives in the woods) and set up camp for the night... I don't remember much but apparently I just sat next to the fire for so long that my eyes dried up... Power toking... hehehehehehe.....
  2. Too bad ya can't remember all of it!! Lmao! :D: :smoking

    Hope ya have more "best night ever's " soon! :D: :smoke:

  3. How come the term "girls" doesn't come into the equation of the best night you ever had?
  4. Just about a couple of weeks ago, my ole gal (not my girlfriend, but a long time friend of mine) and I were sitting in my living room listening to some music and smoking the usual when i got a call on my cell phone from a number that i completely didnt recognize. I picked up the phone and it was my closest friend from back in Texas that i havent so much as talked to in 7 years. He was on a road trip from austin to NYC and was setting up camp about an hour away from where i live now in East TN. To Make a long story short, i met him and his travelling party out in the woods a little after midnight and we got stoned off our gourds! So there i was getting high out in the middle of bumblefuck with my best friend from elementry school. Never in my life did i think i'd be getting high with this guy, he was perfectly religious the last time i saw him! We had lotsa catch up time! I got home a couple hours before i had to be at work the next morning but seeing my bro after so long made the high ten times better!
  5. ture true....

    could not be said better...

    its always best to smoke up with real close firneds htat u have not met for a long time...and all of a sudden...BANG...u r smoking up...breaking the ice is so much easier..there is nothing but love (the firendly way) in the air...and u just enjoy it so much more....

    its like u talk about your past a bit...buts its more the conceptual stuff...and ideologuy bashing and shit...analysiing shit...and understanding shit that aint easy to understand

    anyway man...glad u had a good time

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