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the best my area has to offer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by the System, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. this is what goes for purple haze/diesel hybrid in my area. is it sad that this is the best i can get here? :confused:




  2. i wouldnt be pissed about that

    i got some bud last week that looked kinda like that last week and it got me fuckin ripped
  3. yeah this shit does get me pretty fucking high :smoking: really artistic too. i've been doing these crazy drawings, like this:

  4. What exactly are you not pleased about?

    Looks good to me. Just a little smashed from the vacuum sealer. If you don't live around the grower you can't really expect the weed to come in a little jar with every red hair still in tact.
  5. I love those cereberal type creative highs that make you wanna draw.
  6. it just seems like everyone on here has these super frosty dank nugs, and i'm not sure mine can compare lol.
  7. nah man it's all good.

    The thing is a lot of these people live near medical clubs. Or they know a home grower.

    The buds are just never molested at all. They go from the drying rack into a glass jar and sold from there. When you live a few states away they put a lb of it in a vacuum sealer and when it pulls the air out the bag it smashes it a little bit. The same thing can happen to perfectly fluffy bud if it's put in your jacket pocket.

    But if it is smoked within a month or so of the time it was smashed (which it normally is) the smoke is really no different. I see the same strains sometimes like that or perfectly fluffy and you really can't tell the difference. That is as good of stuff as they have at clubs.

    It's just that within about 3 mos the broken trichomes start to degrade and it lowers the quality of the high.
  8. cmon man you know that bud is good!! some people can't even find weed.
  9. that shits fire bro
  10. purple haze is extinct man, but looks dank!!
  11. looks better from what i can get in my area right now :smoking:
  12. Looks like what I'm toking now, some of the best around.

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