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The Best Munchies Recommendation Thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LoveOfTheNug, Jan 18, 2010.

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  2. ^this guy knows whatsup:smoking:
  3. theres this little candy call mamba chews there the shit for cotton mouth but the best munchies food is motzarella sticks there so good
  4. hah I love those mamba candies. Now that you mention it im gonna get some next time I go to the store.
  5. Little Caesars Pizza $5.55 and some crazy bread, put parmesan cheese and tabasco.. munchies solved
  6. Ice cream cake!

  7. I didnt get it until i noticed what site a was on. I occasionally ask people for "a nug" out of there mickey d's. Lol
  8. crackers with jalapeno cream cheese spread and smoked salmon

  9. money
  10. not much can beat the value menu at taco bell :love:
  11. my favorite munchies are sushi and sweet mint tea,
    so clean, so healthy so delicious
    and chopsticks are fun :p
  12. [​IMG]

    This is some good fucking shit right here... I had this in a restaurant tonight and I happened to be a bit high.

    Chicken Saltimbocca.

    It's essentially chicken wrapped in prosciutto served with marsala sauce.

    Fucking delicious, man.
  13. yea haha 50cent bean and cheese tacos,
    I love living in San Antonio, always cheap mexican food around,
    taco bell is disgusting, I cant even imagine all the processed cheese and what not,
    real mexican food is cheaper and makes taco bell taste like garbage
  14. Im sure its been said but...Doritos specifically nacho cheese....oooo sooo dank
  15. The Guacamole Chips from Roberto's.
    An orgy of the mouth.
  16. [quote name='happy tree'][​IMG]


    that my man is inhumane torture, its like trying to drown a fish

    club/ritz crackers go with anything and everything, the best part is there are like a hundred of them!
  17. cinnamon toast crunch
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    I Just Grubbed On One Of These-


    Washed it down with some fruit punch and Also My New Favorite Doritos-


    Shit was Actually Super Grubbin. :smoking:

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