The Best Kept Secret of Life

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  1. I am a super fan of I-Ching. So, there will be lots of it from now on; enough to bore you to death. But, if you can survive the boredom, the untold story will definitely spice up the way you look at life. Because that’s the “hidden agenda” of I-Ching – to spice up people’s lives.

    I-Ching? They call it the “Book of Changes”, a Chinese classic aged over five thousand years old. It is said to be the best kept secret of life; because the whole book is filled with riddles; thereby subjecting itself to all kinds of interpretation.

    My take on I-Ching is its 3-D energy model that tracks all the possible changes in one’s lifetime as a growing human universe.

    According to I-Ching -- a perfect human universe comprises a stable base, a justified past, and an expanding future; or, a 3-D (three dimensional) existence that guarantees a happy and fulfilled life.

    Unfortunately, life is never perfect in reality. For most of us, if there is indeed a human universe, it is either distorted or dysfunctional.

    That’s where I-Ching comes in as a solutions provider.

    In this context, I started coining names for I-Ching, one each for different interest groups.

    For the spirited – Sixty-four ways to Heaven.
    For the down and out – Quick fixes for Screw-ups in Life.
    For the ambitious – A Guide on Growing a Large-than-life Life.
    For the scientific-minded – A Construction Manual for a Human Universe.

    I guess I have a lot of explanations to do for calling names.

    Where do I begin?
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  2. You may begin with the guide on growing larger than life.

    Is there an English version? How has it survived? Big book?

    Sounds interesting. Just when I thought this world has enough spiritual texts

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  3. The Big Bang Theory 1 (The Ego-Soul Separation)

    “Bang!” That is the sound of a newborn human universe; yours and mine are alike.

    No, it is not an exaggeration. It is an audible signal for an unfolding natural process; no different from thunder, the sound of lightning that warns of an impending storm.

    Yes, there is also light, which flashes before the “bang”; in accordance with the natural order -- lightning first, thunder later.

    What follows is a huge mind explosion that ejects one out of the body, and disintegrates the body into thin air, figuratively speaking.

    The sudden explosion of mind-space is actually a sensory breakout from the inner emotional domain; best visualized as an out-of-body experience that propels one’s awareness into a sun-lit world from the inner emotion-pit.

    I-Ching calls this brilliant escape -- an ego detachment process.

    Then comes tranquility, the result of the body relaxing and the mind justifying.

    The body relaxes when the ego lets go of the past; thereby ending its dominance over the running of the body. In simple English, the involuntarily function is switched on, the moment the consciousness is off; resulting in spontaneous bodily jerks.

    The mind justification is a spontaneous process, which matches extremes of opposing natures to form justified knowledge, the core ingredient of a justified environment.

    Justified knowledge are facts about how things work naturally. Hence, a justified environment is a natural setting, where things vibrate freely; rising and falling cyclically like the four seasons.

    I-Ching calls this unwinding phenomenon a soul-awakening process.

    Now, there are two “beings” on the loose -- a detached ego and a liberated soul. Such a “free” formation is called an earthly self (a passive ego plus a grounded soul); blessed with a profound sense of contentment because of the grounding.

    Done. Step one of the birth procedure – the separation of the ego and soul.
  4. The Big Bang Theory 2 (The Earth-Heaven Link)

    Next is a crippling sensation; overpowered by a sudden burst of energy that inflates the entire body, and oozes out from every single pore.

    “Crippling” because the energized “being” literally took over the running of the body and mind; totally disregarding how one felt.

    I am talking about my first “energizing” experience, which ended with an injured back for attempting a somersault, instigated by the “high”. Gosh, the last somersault I did was in high school, during the sixties.

    “Motivated” is the correct term to describe the energy oozing sensation, which usually comes with a purpose and direction.

    Lesson learned – never put the cart before the horse!

    I had acted impulsively before the birth process was completed; like a baby crying out while still in the mother’s womb. Also, impulsiveness tells of a half-baked ego-soul separation job. A double whammy.

    I should have waited for the emergence of a fully charged and grounded “being”, the incoming master of my universe; taking over from the retired ego.

    The new master is a highly motivated soul yet remains firmly grounded at the natural home base; with the ego as an out-of-body observer.

    The motivation comes from a mysterious force of nature called by many names – the force, fate-driver, north-south magnetic force, external life-force, spiritual potential, heaven, or Dào (道: The Way, a term coined by I-Ching).

    The grounding force is derived from the soul’s natural frequency, which vibrates closed to the earthly rhythm to form a rock-solid earthly base. The free vibration represents the original level of one’s existence at the moment of birth; hence “the natural home base.”

    And the soul-charging is done through a direct earth-heaven link, which is free of human interference since the ego is now passive.

    Finally, such a “spirited” formation is called a spiritual self (a grounded soul guided by a heavenly ego); blessed with an intense joy fuelled by the earth-heaven energizing process.

    Done! A baby human universe comprises a stable earthly-base anchored at the present, an ego detached from the past, and a future driven relentlessly towards a destiny by a heavenly force.

    I-Ching calls the human universe a 3-D existence (earth-human-heaven); marked by a yīn-yáng sensation (a concoction of contentment and excitement) otherwise known as happiness, and wholesomeness derived from realizing one’s fullest potential in partnership with heaven.

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  5. The Bāguà Theory 1 (The Inventor of Bāguà)

    Fúxī (伏羲), a Chinese legend, invented the bāguà (八卦) during the mid-29th century BCE.

    “In the beginning there was as yet no moral or social order.
    Men knew their mothers only, not their fathers. When hungry, they searched for food; when satisfied, they threw away the remnants. They devoured their food hide and hair, drank the blood, and clad themselves in skins and rushes.
    Then came Fúxī and looked upward and contemplated the images in the heavens, and looked downward and contemplated the occurrences on earth. He united man and wife, regulated the five stages of change, and laid down the laws of humanity.
    He devised the eight trigrams, in order to gain mastery over the world.”

    (Story sourced from

    Bāguà (八卦) is a set of eight trigrams, each with three lines that are either broken or unbroken. Each of the eight trigrams carries a natural element that tells on them.

    ☰ Qián (乾) is symbolized by heaven (天, tiān).
    ☷ Kūn (坤) is symbolized by earth (地, dì).
    ☵ Kǎn (坎) is symbolized by water (水, shuǐ).
    ☲ Lí (离) is symbolized by fire (火, huǒ).
    ☳ Zhèn (震) is symbolized by thunder (雷, léi).
    ☶ Gèn (艮) is symbolized by mountain (山, shān).
    ☴ Xùn (巽) is symbolized by wind (風, fēng).
    ☱ Duì (兌) is symbolized by swamp (泽, zé).

    A broken line is called a yīn (陰) line; while an unbroken line is called a yáng (陽) line.

    陰 (yīn) is a place (阝) where the present (今) is clouded (云).

    Clouding is part of an emotion cycle (as in a water cycle) that refreshes excited emotion; while present is now, not the past nor future.

    Translated: Yīn is an incubation phase that pins one down for emotion refreshment. Putting it another way, yīn is a restraining force that stops one from messing with natural processes, which need time to complete their natural courses.

    So, yīn is often perceived as a negative force that obstructs one’s progress.

    陽 (yáng) is a place (阝) where the earth (一) is connected to the sun (日) to break through resistances (勿).

    Translated: Yáng is a growing phase that breaks through resistances with an earth-heaven link. Alternatively, yáng is a heavenly force that motivates one to go forward against all odds.

    So, yáng is often perceived as a positive force that facilitates one’s progress.

    The yīn and yáng forces are believed to be the only two forms of energy that exist in a human universe, a virtual space made out of a stable earthly base, an emotional human domain, and an expanding heavenly realm.

    The products of their 3-D interactions, bāguà (2 x 2 x 2 = 8), become the building blocks of the I-Ching hexagrams; constructed basing on the 3-D energy model (earth-human-heaven).

    Fúxī presented his Bāguà Theory in a beautiful poem.

    The poem tells the story of how a human universe evolves from nothingness to its ideal form; and reasons out how the sixty-four I-Ching hexagrams are formed, to capture all the possible distortions of a human universe one can experience in a lifetime.

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  6. Wong my good man, the majority are far too high and/or distracted to read that much on a GC forum.

    Here, however, is a box of kittens

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  7. The Bāguà Theory 2 (Defining Limits)

    Evolve from a growth without limits to a growth with limits, and the limits must be supreme limits.”

    The bāguà poem starts off by describing how a human universe evolves from nothing (無) to something (有), and then to its supreme form (太).

    The first line casts its spotlight exclusively on 極 (jí: limit). Why?

    Notes (sourced from and

    無 (wú): -less / not to have / no / none / not / to lack / un-
    有 (yǒu): to have / there is / there are / to exist / to be
    太 (tài): highest / greatest / too (much) / very / extremely

    極 (jí: limit): A natural growth (木) reaches its end (了) when the earth (一) is connected (又) to an opening (口). Simply put, a true limit must have an earth-opening link; or a start-to-finish link in today’s language.

    無極 (wú jí): Without limits.

    A growth that has no limits is an unnatural growth, either because it is not grounded, or there is no opening for growth.

    A groundless growth tends to drift, like the homeless people wondering on the streets; while a restrained growth is inevitably distorted, like the malnourished people living in extreme poverty.

    有極 (yǒu jí): With limits.

    A growth with limits is a natural growth; as it is driven by an earth-opening link. However, how far it can grow will depend on the type of opening. So, the definition of “opening” becomes the determinant of one’s fate.

    If it is set too low, one is shortchanging oneself; too high, it is going to be a stressful life; and in the wrong direction, it will get one nowhere, or worse, into troubles.

    太極 (tài jí): With supreme limits.

    An ideal human universe has two supreme limits – earth being the lowest, below which life will not be supported; and heaven, the highest, beyond which there will be no openings.

    The earthly base is one’s natural home base, or the original level of existence registered at birth; while the heavenly limit is one’s maximum growth potential unleashed at the moment of birth.

    This is a controversial statement that needs to be substantiated. A scientific argument will be offered in due course. Still, there will be no solid evidence. At best, it is just food for thought.

    So, an earth-heaven link defines a human growth limits; the lowest being a “nobody” at the time of birth, and the highest being “somebody” at the pinnacle of one’s life.

    Essentially, the lowest limit is a base that has to be defended at all cost, like one’s own goalpost in a football game; or a ground for psyching up the mind, body, and spirit for a major event, like the starting line of a 100-meter dash.

    On the other hand, the highest limit is a target for scoring amidst strong resistances, like the opponent’s goalpost in a football game; or a destiny that draws out one’s best potential, like the finishing line in a 100-meter dash.

    無極生有極 (wú jí shēng yǒu jí) spells out the condition for a natural growth, which will occur only if there is an earth-opening link.

    有極是太極 (yǒu jí shì tài jí) emphasizes that only an earth-heaven link has the power to draw out one’s absolute best to grow a larger-than-life life.

    (Picture sourced from

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  9. The Bāguà Theory 3 (The Yīn-Yáng Phenomenon)

    The supreme limits give rise to two forms, namely: yīn and yáng.”

    Exactly, it says: “A supreme existence is exemplified by a yīn-yáng phenomenon.”

    Behind the proclamation, there lies a secret message; hidden in the character 儀 (yí: appearance), which says that the look of the supreme existence is controlled by two invisible forces, the dots (丶) and strokes (丿).

    A dot (丶, zhǔ) is a point highlighted for action. So, an invisible dot is a spiritual signal that urges one to act; signifying a “go” order, driven by a positive force.

    A strokes (丿, piě) is a point struck off. So, an invisible stroke is an inappropriate act censored by heaven; signifying a “stop” order, enforced by a negative force.

    Scientifically, the positive and negative forces at work can be explained by the north-south magnetic field, resulted from the lowest-highest configuration. A magnetic field is a vector field, which forcibly realigns everything within the field into north-south orientations, with an invisible but powerful force originated from the north.

    A more exciting vision is to compare them with the binary numbers -- the dot as “1” and the stroke as “0”. Binary numbers are the on/off switch of the Universe; credited for advancing the human civilization exponentially to its present form.

    What about the dots/strokes? What if they are used just like the binary numbers? A highly sophisticated human in the making? Absolutely so, logically speaking, and that’s exciting!

    As a matter of fact, an ego-soul pair as an on/off switch is one such application. An earth-heaven link as a motivation generator is another. A yīn-yáng vision (e.g. crisis/opportunity, or regress/progress) as a reality checker is yet another.

    Meanwhile, mysticism always outweighs logic; leading to many creative names for the invisible yīn-yáng force; i.e. despite I-Ching’s choice of a non-spiritual name:

    Dào (道): direction / way / method / road / path / principle / truth / reason / skill

    Personally, I choose to embrace both beliefs simultaneously as a mystical-scientific pair. The mysticism is good for powering the leaps of faith needed to breakthrough resistances; while the scientific facts offer a solid supporting platform when doubts persist during the downtime.

    Ultimately, a persistent go/stop effort will simulate in a powerful pulse-generator, which propels one forward no matter how strong the resistances are.

    Whereas an obsessive myth seeker is often blind to facts; thereby upsetting the equilibrium needed for the divine messages to come through. Oppositely, an absolute fact-based person tends to exclude; thereby missing the many divine messages routinely popping up in their surroundings.

    Notes (sourced from

    陰 (yīn): female principle / dark / secret
    陽 (yáng): male principle / light / sun

    儀 (yí): The look of a person (亻) whose ego (我) is governed (王) by the dots (丶) and strokes (丿).

    兩儀 (liáng yí) is a yīn-yáng look; yīn is stroke-produced, and yáng is dot-generated. A dot-look shows a person on the go; while a stroke-look depicts a person slowing down.

    太極生兩儀、即陰陽 (tài jí shēng liáng yí, jí yīn yáng) says that an earth-heave link (太極) will yield two appearances (兩儀): that is yīn (陰) and yáng (陽).

    Such a yīn-yáng setting is called a justified environment, an inner sanctuary created by justifying the past; otherwise also known also as an enlightened inner self, a blissful nirvana, or a growing human universe.

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  10. Thanks! I thought it was just me
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  11. The Bāguà Theory 4 (The Normal Cycle)

    “兩儀生四象: 即少陰、太陰、少陽、太陽、
    The two forms produce four phenomena -- the lesser yīn, greater yīn, lesser yáng, and greater yáng.”

    Basically, it says: “a young and old yīn + a young and old yáng = four manifestations.”

    Notes (sourced from

    少 (shǎo): few / less / inadequate
    少 (shǎo) reduces by downsizing (小) with a restraining force (丿).

    小 (xiǎo): small / tiny / insignificant
    小 (xiǎo) shrinks when the dots (丶) and strokes (丿) are divided (丨), a grounding phenomenon whence everything is simplified by justification.

    That makes 少 (shǎo) a grounding force that simplifies; or a naturalization process.

    陰 (yīn) is a place (阝) where the present (今) is clouded (云); or an emotion cycle that refreshes and enriches the emotion.

    Which means 少陰 (shǎo yīn: lesser yīn) is an emotion cycle that naturalizes.

    As a process, the lesser-yīn mirrors the nucleation in a crystallization process, whence solute (dissolved matters) cluster to form nuclei; or a cloud formation process, when air rises and cools, and the moisture in it condenses into a visible form.

    Visually, the naturalization process is best illustrated by the fall season of autumn, whence everything cools down and returns to their simplest forms.

    陽 (yáng) is a place (阝) where the earth (一) is connected to the sun (日) to break through resistances (勿); or an earth-heaven energizing process that powers breakthroughs.

    Which means 少陽 (shǎo yáng: lesser yáng) is a sprouting force that breaks out of incubation; powered by the earth-heaven energizing process.

    As a process, a lesser-yáng works like the heating of a solid to its melting point to weaken the solid structure; or a rocket blasting off from the launching pad to offset the weight of the rocket.

    Visually, the powered breakthrough is shown live by an invigorating spring, whence new growths are sprouting everywhere.

    太 (tài): very / too much / big / extreme
    太 (tài) reaches its extreme by driving growth (大) with a positive force (丶).

    大 (dà): big / great / vast / large / high
    大 (dà) is the growth attained when human (人) breakthroughs resistances (一).

    That makes 太 (tài) a peaking (bottoming) force driven by the external life-force.

    Which means 太陰 (tài yīn: greater yīn) is the bottoming out of the emotion cycle; driven by the external life-force.

    As a process, the greater-yīn reflects the crystal growth in crystallization, when a highly ordered crystal structure is formed; or the precipitation of fresh emotion (rain) or/and crystallized ideas (snow) in an emotion cycle.

    Visually, the bottoming out process is played out by a freezing winter that blankets everything in sight into a snow-white and homogenous landscape.

    Conversely, 太陽 (tài yáng: greater yáng) is the peaking of a growth driven by the external life-force.

    As a process, the greater yáng is equivalent to the melting point, when the solid breaks down to a less ordered state, and melts to become a liquid; or a rocket accelerating to its escape velocity to burst through the atmosphere, and put the vessel into space.

    Visually, the climaxing process is brought to life by a blistering summer that brings everything to fruition; marked by bustling activities (excitement) and fulfilment (contentment), the two main ingredients of happiness.

    兩儀生四象: 即少陰、太陰、少陽、太陽、 (liáng yí shēng sì xiàng: jí shǎo yīn, tài yīn, shǎo yáng, tài yáng) says that the two appearances (兩儀) yields four manifestations (四象); that is lesser yīn, greater yīn, lesser yáng, and greater yáng.

    In plain English, it says: “The yīn-yáng phenomenon is manifested as a normal cycle that falls and rises like the four seasons.”

    Furthermore, the normal cycle is a visual illustration of the yīn-yáng crossover principle – yīn crossovers to yáng when it turns extreme, and vice versa.

    No wonder people always say: “It's always darkest just before the dawn.”

    (Picture sourced from

  12. this sounds a lot like the Bible, it is misinterpreted and people have lost their spirituality and give in to obeying and wanting, creating an alter ego. The higher consciousness is what is refered to as "god" or "the God mind", but society is blinded by fear and that life is somehow difficult so to make it easier they allow other people to guide them and csrve them a path, usually leading them into a big empty hole, instead of controlling their own lives and ridding their emotions and illusions. They want to point the finger and be sorry, not realizing thst its becsuse they tske their lives for granted. In my observation, I believe thst religious people are the more drifted ones; completely lost and looking for a way out and try to be seen as a "good" person, which results in the equal snd opposite reaction of being cruel towards people who arent like them. Their range is similar to mountains and Valleys when peace lies in the open meadow.
  13. The Bāguà Theory 5 (The 8 x 8 Algorithms)

    The four phenomena evolve into eight trigrams, and eight by eight becomes sixty-four hexagrams.”

    Previously, the bāguà poem shows how the yīn-yáng force works the human universe with a four-beat gait, which contracts to naturalize and crystallize, and expands to breakthrough and peak.

    四象演八卦 (sì xiàng yǎn bāguà) says that the four-beat rhythm continues, and completes a full cycle of eight (2 x 4 = 8) manifestations that will evolve eventually into bāguà.

    The four-beat gait that falls, bottoms, rises, and peaks is called a down cycle. The wind down causes a fall that crystallizes justified knowledge into core ideas; while the wind up stages a rebound that builds up potential energy for a major breakthrough.

    A falling-rebounding cycle forces rest to stockpile potential energy.

    The next four-beat gait that rises, peaks, falls, and bottoms is called an up cycle. The unleashing of the potential energy powers a growth that explodes in the sky like firework; while the consolidation caps the rise by converting the kinetic energy back to potential.

    An expanding-consolidating cycle stimulates growth to disburse kinetic energy.

    Dào uses the eight-beat gait ingeniously to mold the human universe into its ideal shape. Some of its ways are listed below; but the list is by no means exhaustive as there are still others, yet to be discovered or tested.

    · A bāguà generator that churns out eight types of natural processes to run a human universe; coded as heaven, earth, water, fire, thunder, mountain, wind, and swamp.
    · A motivator that energizes with a purpose and direction.
    · A normalizer that forcibly justifies a middle path forward, free of extremes and excesses, with the up and down popping in life.
    · A pulse maker that propels one steadily forward amidst strong resistances.
    · A life-sustaining device that regulates the heartbeats for a peaceful existence.
    · A signalling system that warns of crisis or opportunity brewing in the background.
    · An inspirational source that supplies knowledge that are original and justified.
    · A decoding system that translates the unknowns into knowns.

    If Dào is left to work undisturbed, it can remake earth in the image of heaven, theoretically speaking.

    A peaceful life for those with a low-amplitude vibration, which pops up and down merrily along a middle path till the end of time. They are the happy “nobodies”.

    A colorful life for those with an average amplitude, which rises from a “nobody” to “somebody” by going through the trials and tribulations of life. Which means most of us shall be a “somebody” -- not just any “somebody”, but a happy “somebody” – someday, somehow.

    A larger-than-life life for those with a high amplitude, which has to survive a free fall to ground zero, for a big rebound to a great height, and a game-changing achievement that can withstand the test of time, i.e. forever. Fortunately, most of us are spared the excruciating falls; but at the huge expense of an everlasting glory, and an intensely happy life.

    On the other hand, if an altered ego is calling the shots, life becomes erratic and unpredictable; as the actions are now driven by the desires to possess rather than motivations to progress.

    An altered ego is an ego under siege by a dense mass of negatives, accumulated emotions that are never refreshed; no thanks to a severed earth-heaven link that disables the emotion cycle. The cutoff is the work of an emotional thatch, a hardened layer of extreme (unjustified) emotions; comprising unresolved issues, traumatic experiences, extreme thoughts, half-truths, and trivialities.

    So, a stage is set for a classic nature-human fight; with Dào heading north determinedly regardless of how one feels; and the altered ego insisting on going south despite the dire consequences.

    In mild cases, the clash often surfaces as a constant tussle between evil and good thoughts. In serious cases, the fight is a life-threatening struggle between imaginary and reality.

    Thanks to Mr. Fúxī who simulated the nature-human conflict with a hexagram; by placing nature as the top trigram, and human as the lower trigram.

    八八六十四卦 (bā bā liù shí sì guà) says that the clash between the natural and man-made bāguà results in sixty-four (8 x 8 = 64) hexagrams.

    In this context, a hexagrams is the path resulted from the clash between the man-made guà at the bottom, and the natural guà at the top.

    Subsequently, the sixty-four resultant paths were compiled into a classic – The Book of Changes --which offers advices as sure bets to win the fight, every time and in any circumstances; i.e. provided human participates willingly by not participating, a real catch-22 situation.

    (Picture sourced from

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  15. Na its not spam, dude just likes to get baked and manifest his thoughts. Spammers are all in the political threads spreading lies about how we actually pick our president and what-not. This is some legit truth, 98% of this planet are cartoon characters in a human bodies, even most of the awakened all wish to be plugged back into the matrix because illusions are more powerful than reality. nobody will read all this though, too complex. and its more of a personal journal, this guy knows enough ti understand thst you can lesd s horse to water but not make it drink. Truth seekers will find truth and prideful people will surely die cryin no matter what you tell them, but I can appreciate the notion.
  16. The Natural Bāguà 1 (The Inconvenient Truths)

    A trigram has three lines. Really, what are they?

    At a glance, the trigram looks like a three-beat pulse in motion. When put under the microscope, there are actually three parties (earth, human, heaven) working hand in hand to find the best way forward, democratically.

    Each of them will either push hard with a go-vote (shown as a yáng or unbroken line), or pull back with a stop-vote (shown as a yīn or broken line), for their agendas to be heard.

    The three-way pushing and pulling result in a three-beat pulse, a prevailing force of nature domesticated to serve human’s best interest in a given situation.

    The voice from the baseline advocates balance. That is the conscience -- a soul vibrating freely with a natural frequency closed to the earthly rhythm – calling.

    A go earth-line represents an energized soul; reversing its passive role to be an active partner, blessed with the ability to act spontaneously but wisely. A stop earth-line shows a passive soul; playing its intrinsic role as a database of integrity that stores only justified knowledge.

    The voice from the middle is the loudest, always trying to have the final say. That is the will – an unadulterated ego exercising its natural tendency to take charge – at work.

    A go human-line shows a controlling ego imposing its will; and is a force to be reckoned with, as it holds the last say. A stop human-line reveals an indifferent ego; electing to be an observer rather than a participant.

    The voice from the top is the most authoritative, but chooses to work in the background; quietly but persistently urging progress. That is Dào – the external life-force that drives one relentlessly towards the destiny – working its magic.

    Which means the top line is a fate-driver, manifested as a mysterious force of nature. A go heaven-line stimulates growth by opening all doors; while a stop heaven-line forces rest by closing all doors.

    In a nutshell, a natural guà is a path to heaven generated from a balance platform; surrounded by free flowing and justified emotions, and powered by an invisible force of nature.

    Unfortunately, the wisdom spoken is often an inconvenient truth, which requires a lot of effort to put into practice; such as cultivating a good conscience, justifying the past, and striking a good working relationship with Dào.

    As such, the truthful advice is often ignored, or simply treated as a voice in the wilderness.
  17. Check out my blog. This is what I am experiencing.
  18. The Natural Bāguà 2 (The Good Bāguà Effects)

    Mathematically, there are eight (2 x 2 x 2 = 8) possible natural paths that can sustain the forward momentum towards one’s destiny.

    1. Heaven (天, ☰: go-go-go): All systems go.

    Heaven is a skyrocketing process that drives human (人) to breakthrough resistances (一); till they hit their ceilings (top 一).

    The explosive growth is run by an energized ego-soul pair; inspired by an opportune environment.

    2. Earth (地, ☷: stop-stop-stop): All systems stop.

    Earth is a grounding process (土也) that drives one towards the lowest limit (bottom 一); for justification (east-west 一) and north-alignment (north-south丨).

    The natural incubator is switched on by separating the ego and soul in an inopportune environment.

    3. Water (水, ☵: stop-go-stop): A restrained move.

    Water manages emotions by separating (丨) the emotions according to their natures, and justifying them by pairing the positives (丶) and negatives (丿).

    The emotion management system is activated to contain an overpowering ego; by drawing wisdom from the wise soul in a quiet setting.

    4. Fire (火, ☲: go-stop-go): A spontaneous response.

    Fire sets a human (人) on fire with dots (丶) and strokes (丿).

    The soul-charging system is activated by a direct earth-heaven link that by passes the ego.

    5. Thunder (雷, ☳: go-stop-stop): A spontaneous release.

    Thunder discharges extreme emotions to refresh (雨) the natural home base (田).

    The emotion cycle is activated by replacing the ego with heaven as the energy source, which refreshes and enriches the soul.

    6. Mountain (山, ☶: stop-stop-go): Blessing in disguises.

    Mountain is a Nature-driven correction system, which forcibly north-aligning (丨) the pit (凵).

    An ego-soul separation process forced upon by heaven, as blessing in disguises, to restore the 3-D formation.

    7. Wind (風, ☴: stop-go-go): A Nature-aided uplift.

    Wind blows to uplift the ordinary (凡) low life-forms (虫).

    A wind of change -- blown from a high pressure heaven to a low pressure earth – that elevates the ego to a higher plane of existence.

    8. Swamp (澤, ☱: go-go-stop): An ego-soul ecosystem.

    Swamp preserves prosperity (幸) with an emotion (氵) net (罒).

    A natural conservation system -- which preserves the natural growth netted – that encourages the ego and soul to coexist.

    On a lighter note, the natural bāguà is a secret recipe for making an eternal triangle works. On a more serious note, the natural bāguà is a joint ego-soul effort to harness Dào for a glorious life.

    Generally, the three-way relationships produce eight types of natural processes, which will keep the human world liveable at worst, and heavenly if managed properly.

    (Picture from

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  20. The Man-Made Bāguà 1 (The Evil Thoughts)

    What about the three lines in a man-made trigram (guà)? Are they inner voices too?

    Yes, they are also voices from within; and to be exact, very loud and imposing voices from a parallel world created artificially by human.

    They too interact with each other -- using the go/stop voting system -- to generate an abnormal three-beat pulse, which competes fiercely with the normal three-beat pulse of the natural world for the grand price -- the master of one’s fate.

    The man-made world also has a base -- an emotional thatch (a hardened layer of extreme motions) that replaces the earthly base as one’s operating platform. The bottom thatch-line is a radical voice; reflecting its extreme stands.

    A go thatch-line stands for a far-right position, a synonym for -- fascism / dictatorship / tyranny / oppression / repression / bureaucracy / control / cruelty.

    A stop thatch-line represents a far-left stand, a synonym for – anarchy / lawlessness / chaos / rebellion / mob rule / reign of terror / turmoil / hostility.

    The middle line represents an unjustified past, accumulated emotions trapped by an emotional thatch, which severs the earth-heaven link that powers the emotion cycle. The middle soggy-line is a cynical voice; reflecting a saturated emotional state with limited capacity for new stuffs.

    A go soggy-line signals the release of the extreme emotion buildup within; driving an offensive behaviour, identifiable as being -- abusive / irritating / obnoxious / rude / stinking / rotten / nauseating / repulsive.

    A stop soggy-line signals a closed mind to avoid the pains of taking in new stuffs; yielding a defensive behaviour, recognizable as being – opposing / averting / guarding / uptight / interrupting / resistive / preventive / balking.

    The top line signifies a powerful suction that pulls everything inward to satisfy an insatiable desire to possess. The black-hole phenomenon is caused by a highly dense mass of trapped-emotions, whose suction is powerful enough to cut one off from the reality (a yīn-yáng world) created by Dào. The top undercurrent-line is marked by wild mood swings; inflicted by powerful undercurrents.

    A go undercurrent-line warns of a destructive growth that flattens everything in sight. A stop undercurrent-line tips of a deep depression that cuts one off from the real world.

    In a nutshell, a man-made guà is a path to hell meted out from a radical platform, saturated with trapped emotions and dictated by strong undercurrents.

    As such, the thoughts spewed out from this distorted world are inherently extreme (because of the imbalance stand), toxic (caused by the lack of emotion refreshment), and infectious (due to the pull of a highly dense mass of trapped emotions).

    In short, a man-made guà is an evil-thoughts generator.

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